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Dec 29 2019

Good News for the New Decade

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Good News for the New Decade New discovery targets antibiotic-resistant ‘superbugs’ using molecular drills.1*  Well, it is finally here. At the end of the year. And more than that, the end of the decade! Goodbye to the 20teens and on to the 2020s. The last decade has brought us a lot of technological advances, research […]

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Apr 21 2019

Super Bugs Resist Treatments

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Fungi resistant to treatment cause new concern in the fight against super bugs.1* Nearly 600 cases have been discovered in the US and officials worry this number is going to rise. 1* Antibiotic resistant bacteria remain a growing concern for health care providers worldwide. And now a new bacteria– a fungus– has been making headlines […]

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Jun 11 2017

The Many Uses of Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil 101 You’ve researched it, purchased it, and brought it home…now what? Welcome back to the wonderful world of coconut oil! We have been exploring this delicious and healthy oil over the last few weeks. So far, we have explored the benefits of coconut oil, the different types on the market, and how it […]

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Jun 04 2017

Choosing your Coconut oil.

Choosing your Coconut oil. Part 3:  Refined vs. Virgin…With many options to choose from, how do we know which one is the best? Last week we talked about the many health benefits found in coconut oil. As early as 2001, there were only a couple of commercially available, edible coconut oils being sold in the […]

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May 28 2017

Coconut Oil’s popularity continues to rise

Coconut Oil’s popularity continues to rise. Part 2: Take a closer look at the types of coconut available for purchase to help you choose the best one for you. I hope you are enjoying this series on Coconut Oil. We’ve looked at the health benefits of coconut oil and the two broad categories which are […]

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Aug 21 2016

Healthy Steps to Ready your Kids for School

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Are you getting your kids ready for back to school? Take steps to ensure a smooth and healthy transition from the slow days of summer to the busy days of school. It is always hard to say goodbye to summer. Long, lazy, warm summer days are such a gift and a wonderful time to slow […]

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Sep 20 2015

Avoid unnecessary Exposure to Broad Spectrum Antibiotics

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What are broad spectrum antibiotics? Know the facts about antibiotics to avoid unnecessary exposure that can affect your microbiome and your immune system for years to come. Last week we touched on broad spectrum antibiotic use in treating acne. How many of us really know what broad spectrum antibiotics are and what is their intended […]

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May 10 2015

Are some Antibacterial Products Themselves Dangerous?

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Are Dangerous Chemicals in Antibacterial Products Rendering Them More Harmful Than Good? Researchers report they need more understanding to determine the risk verses reward of these harmful chemicals. Last week we talked about America’s obsession with cleanliness and why sometimes being too clean can work against us. As researchers continue to explore the world of […]

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