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Jun 16 2019

Build a beautiful garden and reap the rewards

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Build a beautiful garden and reap the rewards. Planting a summer garden brings a bounty of fresh produce that you can enjoy all summer long.   A century ago, gardens were in every back yard with fresh produce on every dinner table. But things are different today. It has become a lost art to many […]

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Jan 13 2019

Getting down to earth with Body Genesis™ Liquid Minerals

Getting down to earth with Body Genesis™ Liquid Minerals.* As long as our food is grown in depleted soils, dangerous nutrient deficiencies are inevitable. * Farming practices have drastically changed over the last century, leaving our soils depleted of vital nutrients and trace minerals essential to our health. The friendly bacteria we used to get […]

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Jul 01 2018

Where are your fruits and vegetables coming from?

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Where are your fruits and vegetables coming from? Produce imported from all over the world is at higher rates than ever before. Summer is here with its abundance of delicious fruits and vegetables. If you are lucky enough to live in an area where crops grow in abundance, you can pick up local fruits and […]

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Apr 22 2018

Is an oil free diet healthy for you?

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Is an oil-free diet healthy for you? Differing theories about nutrition abound, but another alternative approach provides food for thought.* There are many people who swear by eating a diet which is completely vegan and free of all fats and oils. Even nuts and avocados. As with every new diet trend that comes to the […]

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Jun 18 2017

Say Hello to Summer’s Healthy Harvest

Say hello to summer’s healthy harvest With the warm summer months comes an abundance of produce ripe for the picking. Summer is almost here. The summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere will occur at 11:24pm CST on June 20th, bringing us the official start of summer, and the longest day of the year. Along with […]

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May 28 2017

Coconut Oil’s popularity continues to rise

Coconut Oil’s popularity continues to rise. Part 2: Take a closer look at the types of coconut available for purchase to help you choose the best one for you. I hope you are enjoying this series on Coconut Oil. We’ve looked at the health benefits of coconut oil and the two broad categories which are […]

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Mar 05 2017

Consumers tricked again by food suppliers

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Consumers tricked again by food suppliers The agromafia in Italy passed off fake olive oil to the public, making billions.   Unfortunately, the public is repeatedly deceived by food suppliers. This continues to be an important topic of many of our blog posts in the hope of creating awareness. It is infuriating when we try […]

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Feb 26 2017

Seek organic whenever possible, but choose “the Dirty Dozen” first.

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Seek organic whenever possible, but choose “the Dirty Dozen” first. Some fruits and vegetables retain more pesticide residues than others. Know what they are so you can choose wisely.  Last week we looked at ten steps you can take in your daily diet to “clean up your act.” The idea is to take ten measures […]

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Oct 23 2016

Our Soils have been Depleted of Vital Nutrients

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Depleted soils equal less nutritious vegetables. Vegetables grown in commercial soil today are not as healthy as years ago.1*   Did you know that the vegetables we eat today are not as nutritious as the ones eaten 100 years ago? A carrot is still a carrot, but the nutritional value has gone down as our […]

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Jul 24 2016

Constant Struggle to Resist Foods High in Sugar

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Why is sugar so hard to resist? Avoiding that hot fudge sundae might take more than will power. Unhealthy dietary patterns are common for so many people  and contribute to obesity, diabetes, heart disease and metabolic syndrome.  Despite the fact that we know we should not eat certain foods, our  cravings tell us otherwise. For […]

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