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Jul 15 2018

It’s time to say no to a plastic world.

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It’s time to say “no” to a plastic world. The negative impact of plastic water bottles on our planet and our health is outweighing their convenience. We are at the peak of summer. Temperatures are rising and we need to stay hydrated. It is essential for our health. Dehydration can lead to many health conditions, […]

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Jan 14 2018

The Biggest Health Concerning us in 2018

We know the problem. Now what to do about it? While we know obesity is our nation’s biggest looming health concern, beating it is a whole other matter. During our last blog, we talked about the biggest health concern facing us in 2018 and that is obesity. With a growing number of Americans being obese, […]

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Nov 05 2017

The Opioid Addiction Epidemic in Our Country

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CVS Pharmacy takes steps to address  the opioid addiction epidemic in our country. While opioid addiction continues and overdoses kill our citizens, some companies are taking matters into their own hands. Did you know? Drug overdoses are the number one cause of death in Americans under the age of 50* Overdoses killed more people last […]

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Feb 19 2017

Small easy steps towards better health

Take small steps towards better health. Getting on track for a healthier lifestyle might be easier when taken one step at a time.   I was talking to a client recently about health issues, improving gut health and getting started on a path towards healthier living. She was feeling overwhelmed at the thought of completely […]

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Jan 08 2017

How healthy is your gut?

How healthy is your gut? The New Year is a good time to evaluate the health of your gut and make adjustments as needed.   We hope you enjoyed the holidays and brought the New Year in with a bang. With all the cajoling and celebrating, chances are you consumed more sugar, drank more alcohol, […]

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Dec 11 2016

Take Ten Minutes for Yourself

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Take Ten With the holiday season in full swing, don’t forget to take a few minutes for yourself to improve your health and well being.   Everyone is busy…and we seem to get busier by the day. Especially this time of year with the holidays upon us, it is easy to forget to take a […]

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Jul 31 2016

Sunshine is Good but Not too much

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Summer’s hot topic: sunscreen How important is it to pick the right brand and how, when and where you should use it. It is that time of year to enjoy the great outdoors and the warm, sunny days of summer. Many of us seek out the sun at the beach, lake, pool or park. We […]

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Apr 10 2016

Scientists shed light on the rise of Myopia

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Scientists shed light on the rise and cure for short sightedness. Myopia is on the rise and the cure might be as simple as going outside.   Last week we talked about the importance of being outside in order to be exposed to a healthy diversity of microbes. Scientists are finding they have another important […]

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Jan 31 2016

New Research on Cavities – Fight bacteria with bacteria.

Cavities? Fight bacteria with bacteria. Altering the microflora in your mouth can improve your oral and overall health. If you have strong, healthy teeth and have been living a cavity free life…we congratulate you! But not everyone is so lucky. Why can some people go in for their dental check up and all they walk […]

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Jan 03 2016

No1 NYE Resolution: Full Body Detox

Kick of the New Year with a detox to cleanse the body. A good detox will give your body the physical fresh start you need to follow a healthy plan all year. The holidays often bring overindulgence and with the New Year comes promise of change. If you are like many people, you wrap up […]

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