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Apr 10 2016

Scientists shed light on the rise of Myopia

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Scientists shed light on the rise and cure for short sightedness. Myopia is on the rise and the cure might be as simple as going outside.   Last week we talked about the importance of being outside in order to be exposed to a healthy diversity of microbes. Scientists are finding they have another important […]

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Jan 31 2016

New Research on Cavities – Fight bacteria with bacteria.

Cavities? Fight bacteria with bacteria. Altering the microflora in your mouth can improve your oral and overall health. If you have strong, healthy teeth and have been living a cavity free life…we congratulate you! But not everyone is so lucky. Why can some people go in for their dental check up and all they walk […]

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Jan 03 2016

No1 NYE Resolution: Full Body Detox

Kick of the New Year with a detox to cleanse the body. A good detox will give your body the physical fresh start you need to follow a healthy plan all year. The holidays often bring overindulgence and with the New Year comes promise of change. If you are like many people, you wrap up […]

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Nov 22 2015

Are we really Thankful for what we have?

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What are you thankful for? Being grateful, even in trying times, may be just a matter of changing your thought process. There is  a piece that has been circulating through social media that I came across awhile back that I thought would be appropriate to share as Thanksgiving approaches. It originated from and has […]

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Oct 18 2015

The Real Cost of a few Extra Pounds

Weighing the health risks and costs of being obese. “…According to the CDC, more than a third of U.S. adults are obese and around 17% of children are obese… “1 The numbers are out and they are concerning. More than one third of the US adult population is obese and approximately 17% of our children are also […]

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Sep 13 2015

Antibiotics team up with Probiotics for Acne

Dermatologists are taking a different approach to treating acne and it involves probiotics. Think twice before putting your child on antibiotics to treat acne. To keep with our theme of Back to School, I wanted to look at another health issue that affects so many teenagers, (as well as adults of all ages) and that […]

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Jun 21 2015

What do you know about your Favorite Sweetener

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Is your favorite sweetener bad for you? Look at pros and cons of various sweeteners to help you choose wisely.  Most everyone likes sweets. But we know that too much sugar is just not good for us.  In fact, Americans are consuming about 7 times more sugar than we did 30 years ago, in part […]

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Feb 15 2015

Discovering the Health Benefits of Love

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All you need is love…Love is all you need We all know the famous song sung so beautifully by the Beatles. It is wonderful to be in love and to have precious love in your life whether it be in the form of romance, marriage, family love, friendships, children or even pets. The important thing […]

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Nov 09 2014

Body Biotics™ and taking care of your skin

Body Biotics™ and your skin…taking care of things from the inside out. Probiotics play an important role in your skin’s health. Just as they help your digestive tract and boost your immune system by increasing the number of friendly bacteria present, the benefits are systemic and help boost your whole body’s health, including your skin. […]

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Apr 21 2014

Adding 6-9-12 Liquid B Essentials to your Diet

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To B or not to B…The importance of adding BODY BIOTICS™ 6-9-12 Liquid B Essentials™  to your diet. We all know about Vitamin B…that it is an important vitamin to have in your diet. But which B vitamin do you need and how much? How does it benefit you? The overall benefits of B Vitamins […]

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