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Jul 29 2018

Maintaining a healthy balance in all things

Find your beautiful balance. Maintaining a healthy balance in all things, including the gut, will result in a healthy mind and body.  There is beauty in balance. Whether it is our mood, our schedules, our rituals or our health, when all is in balance, life is good. Do you have a good work-play balance? How […]

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Mar 11 2018

Why is the pH of infant poop changing?

Why is the pH of infant poop changing? A strong microbiome is important for the long term health of babies and that’s why a change in pH in baby poop has researchers concerned.   You can tell a lot about a person from the look of their poop. I know this isn’t a popular subject […]

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Mar 01 2015

Acid-Alkaline Balance within our bodies

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  Did you know…that allergies, obesity, chronic fatigue and many other unhealthy conditions are directly linked to Acid-Alkaline imbalance?  How is your pH Dr. Barbara O’Neil shares some powerful insights into the critical need for Acid-Alkaline Balance within our bodies.   Barbara O’Neil, is an Australian author, inspirational instructor, naturopath and nutritionist who shares her vast […]

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Mar 30 2014

How pH affects everything in your body

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  Alkalizing/Balancing Formula: pH PERFECT™  Bio/Tech news said it best “…Alkalize or Die…”  1   According to a recent report from John Hopkins University, nearly half of the American population suffers with at least one chronic condition (chronic meaning the condition last a year or longer and may require constant care or medicating) and the […]

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