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May 06 2018

Technology and stress are a bad combination for teenagers today.*

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Technology and stress are a bad combination for teenagers today.* Teens and adolescents are growing up in a toxic environment that is fueling high rates of anxiety and depression.1* If there ever was a time to stop and pay attention to what’s going on with your kids, now is the time. While adolescents today have […]

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Jun 25 2017

Artificial sweeteners are not so sweet after all

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Artificial sweeteners are not so sweet after all. Diet drinks and artificial sweeteners can wreak havoc on your microbiome as well as your waistline. Summer time is here, which means less clothes and more skin. Put up the jeans and coats and pull out the shorts, tank tops and swimsuits! In an effort to look […]

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Nov 22 2015

Are we really Thankful for what we have?

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What are you thankful for? Being grateful, even in trying times, may be just a matter of changing your thought process. There is  a piece that has been circulating through social media that I came across awhile back that I thought would be appropriate to share as Thanksgiving approaches. It originated from and has […]

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Nov 15 2015

Women’s Health…Part 2

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Arthritis and Inflammation Reducing arthritis symptoms and inflammation starts with a healthy gut.*   Last week we started a series on women’s health issues beginning with heart disease, the leading cause of death in women. A healthy gut, proper nutrition, plenty of exercise and a healthy weight are all factors that can help women keep […]

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Nov 01 2015

What is stress doing to your immune system?

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What is stress doing to your immune system? Different types of stress affect our bodies in different ways…learn the signs and symptoms to prevent stress from hurting your health.   Last week we talked about how teens have taken over as the most stressed out generation. Of course, stress affects people of all ages, not […]

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Oct 25 2015

Why are our teens so stressed out?

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Studies reveal that today’s teens are experiencing higher levels of stress than past generations and it’s not good for their health.   Life is full of stressors. Stress in the near term can propel us to try harder and “fight back,” to be more successful or get us out of perilous situations. But chronic stress […]

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Nov 02 2014

Tips for staying stress free and healthy

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Don’t let stress wear down your immune system… Stressed out? Chronically stressed out? Perhaps it’s time to stop, look and listen to your body. What is your body saying? How does your environment relax or stress you? You’re hopefully eating a healthy organic diet, getting plenty of water and sleep and taking your Body Biotics™. […]

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