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Nov 27 2016

Think before you drink this holiday season

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Think before you drink this holiday season. Drinking too much alcohol is detrimental to your gut health, so it’s better to act in moderation.* The holidays are right around the corner! This is the time of year where people love to celebrate and with that comes a tendency to overindulge and forget about their diets […]

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Sep 14 2014

Part 3 – Commonly asked questions regarding BODY BIOTICS™

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More Commonly asked questions regarding Body BioticsTM – Part 3   As I looked at the many questions we get each week regarding Body Biotics, as well as health questions in general, I have decided to extend our Question and Answers one more week. Listed below are a few more questions that come up from […]

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Jul 21 2013

Does alcohol or coffee kill Body Biotics

Will an occasional alcoholic drink or coffee kill the entire flora?   NO, in fact, many have reported that taking Body Biotics after having a drink or two can actually help reduce the negative effects of alcohol the next day. However, you should not take Body Biotics with any hot beverage like coffee or hot […]

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