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Mar 25 2018

Age old theory of finishing antibiotics is questioned in new report

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Age old theory of finishing antibiotics is questioned in new reports. In a quest to mitigate antibiotic resistant superbugs, researchers explore a road less traveled. As long as I can remember, when prescribed antibiotics, the directions have been to finish the prescription, even though your symptoms of illness have passed.  With the worldwide concern of […]

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Nov 13 2016

Just How Dangerous is Resistance to Antibiotics

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One of the world’s most serious health threats is an increased resistance to antibiotics. More than 700,000 people die each year as a result of drug resistant infections. The threat of antibiotic resistant superbugs is such a concern that in September of this year, all 193 UN member states met to discuss this mounting threat.  […]

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Oct 02 2016

Animals Consume 80 Percent of all Antibiotics in USA

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A few beefs with the meat industry. What goes into the meat you eat may not be what we think. * Last week we talked about how back in the 1960’s, a group of Harvard Scientists were paid by the sugar industry to present research regarding sugar in a favorable light. The news was reported […]

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Jan 24 2016

CDC & Doctors Group issues new Guidelines for Antibiotics

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A new approach to taking antibiotics The CDC has released new guidelines regarding antibiotics in treating most respiratory infections.   Drug resistant bacteria are on the rise and becoming a dangerous public health epidemic. In response, doctors’ groups have issued new guidelines on exactly when antibiotics should be prescribed. The hope is that these guidelines, […]

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Oct 11 2015

New Study shows Possible Increased Risk for Type 2 Diabetes

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Scientists discover a possible link between Type 2 diabetes and antibiotic use. Antibiotics, though life-saving when necessary, have a dramatic, negative effect on the microbiome, and therefore should only be used when absolutely necessary. The altered landscape of the microbiome after antibiotic use can take months to recover. “A single course of antibiotics can wipe […]

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Apr 19 2015

Doctors are Prescribing Probiotics over Antibiotics

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Doctors Opting to Prescribe Probiotics over Antibiotics as First Line of Defense… According to the CDC, more than half of the antibiotics prescribed are inappropriately issued for the wrong thing.  Now, savvy doctors are taking actions to avert the dangers that overuse and abuse of antibiotics has on our gut health and overall wellbeing.   […]

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Apr 12 2015

Probiotics replacing Antibiotics raising Chickens

Finally, Probiotics Instead of Antibiotics for Raising Chickens… A correction that is long overdue in food production. Before the introduction of industrial agricultural practices, chickens and other livestock were raised on open ranges where they fed on organic fields and pastures. These open ranges, still untouched by harsh chemicals or over farming, were home to […]

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Sep 14 2014

Part 3 – Commonly asked questions regarding BODY BIOTICS™

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More Commonly asked questions regarding Body BioticsTM – Part 3   As I looked at the many questions we get each week regarding Body Biotics, as well as health questions in general, I have decided to extend our Question and Answers one more week. Listed below are a few more questions that come up from […]

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Jun 22 2014

Antibiotics and The Fat Connection

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Could Antibiotics be a factor in America’s obesity? Every year, humans take over 250 million courses of antibiotics to treat a variety of bacterial infections from serious to not so serious. They are used to treat acne and also as a preventative measure against potential infection.4. Before the discovery of antibiotics, there was little doctors […]

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Aug 11 2013

Can I take antibiotics with Body Biotics?

Can I take it with antibiotics, or do I stop completely and wait until I finish the antibiotics? And, if I stop taking them do I have to start over with one a day?   Of course, antibiotics kill both the good and the bad bacteria, so staying on Body Biotics while taking them is […]

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