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May 19 2019

Why are nuts and seeds so good for us?  

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Why are nuts and seeds so good for us? These simple whole foods are your key to long term health.* Last time we talked about different types of fiber and the importance of getting plenty of whole grains, nuts and seeds in our diets. These whole foods provide excellent fiber, as well as bountiful other […]

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May 20 2018

Focus on Fiber for a Healthy Gut.

Focus on fiber for a healthy gut. Make sure you are eating plenty of fiber to keep your gut healthy and ward off disease. Do you eat plenty of fiber at each meal? Does breakfast consist of donuts or oatmeal? Does lunch consist of a burger and fries or do you opt for the salad? […]

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Feb 21 2016

What do Parmesan Cheese and Wood Pulp have in common?

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We want to add fiber to our diets, but this is ridiculous! Wood pulp found in parmesan cheese reveals deceptive practices of food manufacturers.   There have been some startling revelations when it comes to parmesan cheese lately. Many products touting 100% Real Parmesan, actually contain no parmesan at all. Most of the parmesan cheese […]

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Jul 12 2015

Fiber is an Excellent Prebiotic for Friendly Bacteria

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Fiber is food for microbes, studies show. “…Dietary fiber and diversity of the microbiota complement each other for better health outcomes…” 1 We’ve said it before…we are what we eat, and more importantly, our gut microbiota are what they eat. Now new studies show that fiber is an excellent prebiotic for friendly bacteria. Gut bacteria […]

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