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Feb 05 2017

Candida is more dangerous than you think

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Candida is more dangerous than you think. When allowed to grow out of control, Candida leads to multiple and dangerous health conditions. Last week we laid out a regimen for crowding out Candida and taking back one’s health. If candidiasis is a condition you think you might be suffering from, I hope you took the […]

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Jun 05 2016

The Dangers of Leaky Gut Syndrome

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Do you have Leaky Gut Syndrome? What it is and how to know if you might have this condition. Perhaps you’ve heard us talk about Leaky Gut Syndrome. It is a health condition which affects the small intestine and can lead to various health problems. It is not regularly covered in the news, and many […]

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Nov 24 2013

An In Depth Look at Soil-Based Organism™ Part 2

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Soil-Based Organism™ Dysbiosis is associated with, and is one cause of a condition called increased intestinal permeability, or leaky gut syndrome. Leaky gut syndrome often goes unrecognized, and is in itself linked to a constellation of other symptoms and a number of diseases (Table 1) [Galland, 2007]. Leaky Gut Syndrome is defined as “an increase […]

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