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Jul 12 2015

Fiber is an Excellent Prebiotic for Friendly Bacteria

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Fiber is food for microbes, studies show. “…Dietary fiber and diversity of the microbiota complement each other for better health outcomes…” 1 We’ve said it before…we are what we eat, and more importantly, our gut microbiota are what they eat. Now new studies show that fiber is an excellent prebiotic for friendly bacteria. Gut bacteria […]

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Sep 07 2014

Part 2 – Commonly asked questions about BODY BIOTICS™

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SBO PREBIOTIC/PROBIOTIC CONSORTIA™ –  Part Two This is the second part of our three part blog series covering some of the more commonly asked (and not so commonly asked) questions regarding BODY BIOTICS SBO Prebiotic/Probiotic Consortia. What exactly are SBOs? SBOs are living, beneficial strains of foreign but friendly Soil Based Organisms. They are essential […]

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Apr 01 2013

Why are Prebiotics Important?

To truly be an effective PRObiotics, you need PREbiotic wholefood nutrients toencourage PRObiotic organisms to survive and thrive in the human gut. Beneficial bacteria must be introduced in the diet daily, and fed proper food to help them adhereto the intestinal wall, rather than simply pass through the digestive tract. By maintaininga healthy balance of […]

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Mar 24 2013

What is a PREbiotic?

PREbiotics is a term coined long after their discovery, (by Prof. Gibson & colleague,Dr. Marcel Roberfroid of Louvain University in Brussels, 1995.) The word is generallydefined as consisting of nondigestible food fibers which stimulate the growth and activityof certain bacteria in the intestines. Therefore, a PREbiotic must escape digestion in the upper Gastro-Intestinal (GI) tract […]

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Feb 17 2010

Heartbeat of America-Healthcare Professionals

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We are very proud to have our company receive this attention from Heartbeat of America and to have received the “Keeping America Strong Award” Why Life Science Products has customers dating back 25 years and our research pioneered the field of probiotics raising the publics awareness as well as the medical community on the need […]

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Jan 30 2010

Body Biotics – Pioneering leader in Probiotics Supplements

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Body Biotics, Soil Based Organisms Prebiotics and Probiotics Supplements , is the Pioneering leader in Probiotics. Our 35 year old, time-tested formula paved the way to bringing medical and consumer awareness to the critical need for Probiotics Supplements in our daily diet. Prior to its introduction, very few consumers or medical professionals realized this need. […]

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