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Jan 26 2020

Is Our Gut a Predictor of How Long we Will Live?

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Is our gut a predictor of how long we will live? A group of scientists believes they can predict future health by examining the microbiome. The microbiome is at the core of our health. It has been linked to all sorts of health issues including digestive disorders, mood patterns, inflammation, and arthritis. Eighty percent of […]

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Feb 24 2019

Are you suffering from seasonal allergies?

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 Are you suffering from seasonal allergies? It may not just be what is in the air. There is a reason some people are more prone to allergies than others. It is that time of year. The cold is starting to taper off and the warmer temperatures are hitting “some” parts of the country. If it […]

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Oct 21 2018

Signs that you Need a Probiotic.

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Signs that you need a probiotic. Look for these indicators that your body is in dire need of Body Biotics™ Bio-Identical SBO Probiotics Consortia™. We all want a healthy gut…all of the time. But many people have imbalances in their microbiome due to diet, years of antibiotic use, and other lifestyle habits. For others, they […]

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Feb 11 2018

When do you ramp up on Probiotics

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When should you increase your intake of Body Biotics™ Bio-Identical SBO Probiotics Consortia™? Knowing when it’s time to increase your probiotic intake can fortify your immune system against infection and illness.* Probiotics are such an important part of our daily lives. They keep our digestive tract – our microbiome – populated with the friendly bacteria […]

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Jan 28 2018

Probiotics and your immune system during flu season

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Probiotics, your immune system and flu season. Taking probiotics helps boost your digestive health and your immune system which are powerful weapons against colds and flu. What a flu season! Chances are that you, or someone you know has had the flu or been affected by it in some way. Schools have closed in an […]

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Jul 02 2017

Probiotics for your Pets? You bet!

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Probiotics for your Pets? You bet! From getting your dogs outside to giving them Body BioticsTM, expose them to friendly bacteria for better gut health. Isn’t it a joy? The warmer weather and longer days! Whether you have to get up at 5am to beat the heat, or are lucky enough to live where the […]

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Dec 10 2014

Probiotics Question – Wednesday’s Weekly

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Probiotics Question of the Week!   Q:  Why do I need to take more than one Body Biotics capsule per day?   A: When people use to get the friendly soil bacteria (SBOs) from their “garden to table” fresh produce, they would ingest these daily defenders at every meal.  The same principle holds true for […]

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Nov 20 2013

Probiotics and Improved Skin Health

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Probiotics can impact just about everything in the body Kudos to Gabriella Boston… “We hear about them everywhere — how they clear up everything from a bloated gut to a depressed mind. How they boost the immune system and improve skin health. How they delay allergies in children and prevent urinary tract infections in women. […]

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Mar 03 2013

What are Soil Based Organisms (SBOs) Probiotics?

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SBOs are living beneficial strains of foreign but friendly soil-based organisms.These essential friendly bacteria use to be a regular part of our normal dailydiet until the end of the 19th century. Around that time, began the introduction ofpesticides, chemicals, and food processing, which quickly diminished the “farm totable” ingestion of raw fruits and vegetables containing […]

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Feb 13 2012

SBO Probiotics – Long Term Safety Affirmed

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Q. I have heard that It is not safe to use SBO Probiotics long-term. Is this true? A. We cannot speak for other SBO Probiotics, but as this question relates to Body Biotics, here is our response: Body Biotics has a 35 year history in the marketplace, worldwide, and is still going strong after all […]

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