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Mar 15 2015

SBO and CFU defined within a Probiotics Consortia

What are SBOs, Probiotics Consortia, and Colony Forming Units (CFU)? How do each of these impact or enhance our daily well-being and ultimate longevity? Part 2 of 4: (Part two of our series will take a closer look at the history of the study of microorganisms, the human microbiota and the important role of SBOs […]

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Mar 08 2015

What are SBOs, CFUs and Probiotics Consortia?

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What positive roles do they play in impacting our daily well-being and ultimate longevity? Part 1 of 4: (In this three part series we will explore the importance of soil born organisms (SBOs) to the soil and the vital role they were created to play in maintaining daily wellbeing in the human body. We will […]

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Feb 13 2012

SBO Probiotics – Long Term Safety Affirmed

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Q. I have heard that It is not safe to use SBO Probiotics long-term. Is this true? A. We cannot speak for other SBO Probiotics, but as this question relates to Body Biotics, here is our response: Body Biotics has a 35 year history in the marketplace, worldwide, and is still going strong after all […]

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