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Mar 08 2015

What are SBOs, CFUs and Probiotics Consortia?

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What positive roles do they play in impacting our daily well-being and ultimate longevity? Part 1 of 4: (In this three part series we will explore the importance of soil born organisms (SBOs) to the soil and the vital role they were created to play in maintaining daily wellbeing in the human body. We will […]

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Dec 15 2013

SBO’s – Earth’s Tiny Messenger Angels

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SBO (soil based organisms) Probiotics Consortia   In our June, 2010, FDA Structure/Function Executive Summary, Professor Lee B. Dexter explains why Body Biotics™ SBO Probiotic Consortia offers more than the typical blend of “freeze-dried” isolated Probiotics.  Professor Dexter, renown Probiotics expert acclaimed for describing and submitting more than 600 Probiotics species to the USDA world […]

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Jun 16 2013

Should you continue taking Body Biotics for Life?

Why do you have to continue taking them for life? Don’t they reproduce?   As it relates to soil based organisms—life style, diet, environment, medical history, genetics, etc.; can all affect the SBO’s ability to implant and reproduce. Generally speaking, everyone’s health is better served by supplementing our intestinal floraon a daily basis. Additionally, nature […]

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May 21 2013

What are your Probiotics SBO’s grown on?

Question from Facebook user  Kristy Swain Hyphen Interiors 7:49am May 19 What are your sbo’s grown on? I know most probiotics are grown on corn, yeast or dairy.   Kristy…the most natural food source to culture and create a harmonious (symbiotic) relationship with the various strains is to use a pristine natural food source that […]

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Jan 13 2010

SBO’s- An Amazing New Breakthrough in Immune Stimulation and Healing

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“The soil-based microorganisms in EarthFlora are thoroughbreds. Peter Smith discovered the original organisms, bred and groomed them so to speak, and eliminated from them any possible undesirable elements. When you take a capsule of EarthFlora, you are taking a thoroughbred selection-highly selected colonies of beneficial soil-based organisms. Peter Smith bred these organisms to perfection, where […]

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