Jan 06 2011

Your Subscription Confirmed

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Greeting friends,

Thank you for signing up in our monthly drawing.   It is with the greatest joy that we do this every month.  Someone always wins 2 Free Bottles of our SBO Probiotics Consortia, starting them on a journey of greater health and well being.
Sometimes, it’s just this little nudge that gets them started and helps them get more focused on their health and the many benefits of taking probiotics supplements everyday.

Good luck in the drawing and we promise not to be overwhelming with always sending you a bunch of stuff that you don’t care to see.  We will respect your privacy and never ever give or sell your email address to anyone for any reason.

Looking forward to a fantastic year with you.

Warmest regards,

Kelli de Sante

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3 Responses to “Your Subscription Confirmed”

  1. Lizon 12 Apr 2011 at 10:49 pm


    I am requiring some assistance.
    I have had candida for many, several years now and am very bloated and do not assimilate nutrients from food nor am I digesting well. I have constipation and then on the other extreme, I will have IBS symptoms.

    I am wondering exactly which product to purchase. I know I need the probiotic, however, as I am currently looking for permanent employment, so not always working consistently, being a temp, I am trying to decide whether I should purchase 2 of probiotic to last me and get me started until situation imporves, or should I purchase 1 bottle of probiotic and a something else that would really help.

    My stomach is constantly up/bloated. I am keen to see results in this area. What would be most helpful to me??
    Also, I read the ingredients for probiotics, but cannot see amounts per tablet, Can you tell me what they are?
    I have read about FOS, if it is naturally derived and not chemically derived would, it be helpful to me? I am also emabarking on a candida diet and am eliminating the items that feed candida.

    Thanking you for your assistance to pre purchasing.
    Liz Farrugia

  2. Stephen Shankon 07 May 2011 at 5:11 pm

    My wife and I are on a fixed income and just do not have money to waste or
    experiment with, the information about your product is interesting but I read
    a lot of stuff on the internet and it is very hard to weed out the bad form the good.
    Your product is very expensive I wish I knew if it is worth it. I have just been on a
    long regiment of antibiotics and need to get back to a healthy body, is there any
    way to try your product on a trail basis before committing to that kind of money.
    Thank you,
    S. Shank

  3. Mabel Bellmoreon 11 May 2011 at 5:29 pm

    ‘Thank you for entering me in your drawing. Your products are fantastic, for people or animals. My Mare made it to 37 and her foal to 36 with no vet bills besides normal maintenance. Barn cat beat distemper and raised to many generations after.
    Old dog managed to get through some sickness and lived to 16. Only time I gave them the product was when they were very sick.

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