Jan 12 2014

25 Alkaline Promoting Foods

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Part One: pH PERFECTâ„¢ 25 Alkaline-Promoting Foods


These foods may help neutralize potentially toxic dietary acids, potentially supporting
organ health and trimming body mass.
Posted on 1/10/2014 / www.doctoroz.com

Researchers have reported that: “Pathogens” cannot live in an Alkaline body. Today,
more than ever, Americans need to consume more of these 25 “Alkaline-Promoting”
foods to support healthy (7.2) pH balance.
According to this post “…The typical American diet is full of foods like meat and dairy
products that tend to increase the acidity of your blood. Recent research suggests that
eating too many acid-promoting  foods could potentially damage your kidney and your
liver and might even raise diabetes risk. But you can help negate acid’s negative
effects on the body by balancing your diet with foods that promote an alkaline body
“…Adding more of these 25 foods into your diet could help support organ health and trim
your body mass…” The list posted below is numbered 1-25 with one being the most
alkaline-promoting and 25 being most neutral.
1) Raisins (most alkaline-promoting),
2) Spinach,
3) Bananas,
4) Celery,
5) Carrots,
6) Apricots,
7) Potatoes,
8) Cauliflower,
9) Radishes,
10, Cherries,
11) Tomatoes,
12) Green Beans,
13) Hazelnuts,
14) Zucchini,
15) Red Wine,
16) Apples,
17) Watermelon,
18) Mineral water,
19) Marmalade,
20) Broccoli,
21) White wine,
22) Margarine,
23) Asparagus,
24) Honey,
25) Draft beer
To jump start your journey to a healthier “alkaline/acid” balance, we recommend you
try our pH PERFECT™. And, if you don’t know what your average daily pH is, you might
take our 15 Day pH Test challenge.


Follow us next week to learn about the 25 most acid-promoting foods to minimize or

Don’t delay…Take the TEST!

A Votre` Sante`,

Kelli de Sante`



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