May 21 2013

About Kelli de Sante ~ President

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For more than 24 years, I had lived on sinus, allergy and asthma medications just to get
me through the day. Each and every year, I would experience two events of bronchitis
that were so severe they kept me in bed for a week or more.

Half of the people I knew complained about these same issues, but most of us just
thought these were issue we would have to live the rest of our life. Then one day an
old friend called to tell me he had something that might help. I simply laughed out loud.
I had heard this same  promise over and over again throughout the years. I had tried
countless number of products  and spent a staggering amount of my hard earned dollars
with little or no effect. I’ll bet many of you have experienced the very same thing.

I was so convinced that finding relief was so impossible, that I told my friend I would try
his product and if it helped to ease these 24-year chronic challenges, I would quit my job
and start selling the stuff. That’s when I first discovered the miracle product that would
change my life forever, known then as Nature’s Biotics®. That unique proprietary formula
is now  marketed under the label, Body Biotics™ Advanced SBO Pre/Probiotics Consortia,
which is the name I will refer to throughout the rest of this message.

Well, as they say—the rest is history. Through the daily use of Body Biotics™, I did resolve
the chronic conditions that had plagued my body for 24 years and, within three weeks, I
threw away all of my medications. I have never needed them since. I was so thrilled with
these successful health improvements, that I really did quit my job and start selling that
amazing formula. Ultimately, my deep commitment to preserve and protect this superior
product, led me to purchase the company that had brought it to the world, Life Science
Products, Inc..

We invite you to experience these dynamic health benefits for yourself. Start today and
begin creating  a better tomorrow! Like so many of our worldwide family of loyal
customers, you’ll soon discover a  solution you wish you had learned about years ago.

Wishing you a life of great health and well-being,

Kelli de Sante

Kelli deSante

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