Mar 01 2015

Acid-Alkaline Balance within our bodies

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  Did you know…that allergies, obesity, chronic fatigue and many other unhealthy conditions are directly linked to Acid-Alkaline imbalance?  How is your pH

Dr. Barbara O’Neil shares some powerful insights into the critical need for Acid-Alkaline Balance within our bodies.  

Barbara O’Neil, is an Australian author, inspirational instructor, naturopath and nutritionist who shares her vast knowledge about the pH level, acid-alkaline measurement in the body in this very informative video. In her delightful accent, she discusses the vital importance of maintaining a healthy pH balance and how it affects every cell in our bodies. Listen in as she covers the facts, causes and dangers of having too much acid or too much alkaline in the body. When your pH is not in balance over a long period, it can result in allergies, obesity, chronic fatigue and other unhealthy conditions. From the air we breathe, to the foods we eat, to the environment in which we live…they all impact the pH balance in our bodies.

Additionally, hear some great natural remedies for balancing your pH level and other health tips for bringing about greater health and wellbeing.  She also touches on diet… the pros and cons  of eating raw foods versus cooked foods for some individuals; which foods are alkalizing and acidic; good ways to get protein; and the effects of nightshade vegetables on those  with inflammatory conditions in the body, just to name a few. I hope you find her information as fascinating and helpful as I did and that you will walk away with greater knowledge about acid-alkaline balance.

Body Biotics, pH PERFECT™, is an ideal and simple way to help maintain a healthy pH balance when you find your levels a bit off.  You can personally measure your own pH levels to see if they fall within the proper range with one of our 15 day or 90 day test strip kits. (Readily available on our website)

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