Apr 09 2017

Addressing your seasonal allergies may not be what you think

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The key to addressing your seasonal allergies may not be what you think
In many cases, the reason behind allergies is an unhealthy gut


If you have seasonal allergies, they can really be a bother. But they are more than just a nuisance, they are the sign of an unhealthy gut. If left to continually get worse, they can even lead to more serious autoimmune diseases down the road such as eczema, asthma, psoriasis, migraines, fibromyalgia, lupus celiac disease, M, diabetes and arthritis. .Allergies are a mild form form of autoimmune disease and possibly your body’s way of telling you that more autoimmune diseases are in store for you if you don’t get the problem in check.

If we don’t balance our gut bacteria, we weaken our immune system and open the gateway for opportunistic and pathogenic microbes to grow out of control and play a dominant role in our gut. The byproducts of these pathogens are toxins. Some come in handy when they are kept in check by the good bacteria, but when bad bacteria play a dominant role, these pathogens overproduce these toxins….one of which is histamine.

Histamine is actually an important neurotransmitter in the body, but when microbes grow unchecked in the gut as a result of a poor ratio of friendly to unfriendly bacteria, an overproduction of histamine takes place resulting in the body’s functions that react to histamine, to work overtime, allowing excessive amounts to enter the bloodstream.

If you suffer for severe and constant seasonal allergies, it may just be that you are really suffering from an overgrowth of histamine producing pathogens in your gut. Many people say that they “developed” seasonal allergies as they aged. If the pollen hasn’t changed in an area, it may be instead a signal that the gut health has deteriorated. Gut health can decrease as we age, and years of antibiotics, stress, alcohol and sugar intake can take their toll.  So if you suddenly are suffering from seasonal allergies when you didn’t as a youngster, this is a sign that you need to get busy getting your gut in check.1

The good news is that even if you or your children have seasonal allergies now, you can deal with it effectively with a change in diet! “…Restoring a healthy balance of gut flora is the best long-term solution to resolving a histamine issue…” 2

Next week we will look at some solutions for treating your seasonal allergies.

Until then, healthiest wishes,




Seasonal allergies need not continue to annoy you year after year during what should be one of the most beautiful and enjoyable times of the year.   Spend some time and energy fixing your gut environment and reap the rewards by breathing freely again no matter how thick the pollen may be!

Children with autoimmunity issues almost without exception have a mother and most likely also a father who invariably show sign of chronic gut dysbiosis. Most women have been on the Pill for years before having children and have had many courses of antibiotics. Almost every single one has a health problem that is associated with chronic gut imbalance the most frequent being digestive disorders, hay fever and other seasonal allergies, migraines, PMS, chronic cystitis (UTIs) and vaginal yeast infections.

Therefore, if you wish to have children free of allergies, it is imperative as a mother to be to get your gut health in order before birthing them.


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