Apr 24 2016

America is waking up to the importance of eating organic

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Kudos to Costco
As demand for organic food rises, a popular retail grocer rises to the occasion.

America is waking up to the importance of eating organic! It is reported that organic food is now the fastest growing food category in our nation, outpacing regular food sales with growth rates of 8-11% for organic versus 2 to 2.5% for non organic food. Organic food sales are increasing at such a rate, that supply is not keeping up with demand. While organic food sales were 5% of total food sales last year, organic farmland made up only 1% of US farm acreage. More organic farms are needed to keep up with this demand,  infusing energy into the organic farming market and causing some conventional growers to look at converting their fields to organic, healthier soils.1*

Organic produce is limited because finding clean land with suitable soil is scarce and often cost prohibitive. Transitioning conventional fields to organic ones can take several years and is very expensive. ”…Conversion to an organic production system from a conventional system requires a three-year transition period before crops are considered organically certified. During the transition period, growers may experience reduced yields followed by a return to yields near or equal to conventional production. This “transition effect” has been attributed to time required for necessary changes in chemical, physical and biological properties of soil, which may take more than one year. These changes enhance nutrient cycling, enrich soil life and restore soil organic matter and water holding capacity. Pest and disease pressure can also spike during the early part of the transition…”2*

One of the biggest suppliers of organic products in our country is Costco, with last year organic product sales exceeding $4 billion. They are now estimated to be the nation’s largest organic grocer. Though other retailers may have a larger selection, Costco is the top seller of the types of organic foods it carries.1*

But in order to keep up with their customers’ voracious appetite for organic products, Costco and other organic retailers have had to do some creative problem solving with this supply and demand dilemma. One of these solutions is to invest in the farmers that supply them with their organic produce. In the news recently, Costco has decided to make a loan to one of their suppliers to buy 1200 acres of land ready for organic growing in Baja, Mexico, along with the equipment they need to grow organic produce.1*

Helping farmers buy land is a new idea in the industry. Prior to this deal, there have been loan programs for suppliers to upgrade equipment and financial incentives such as advance payments or long-term contracts. And, this is not the first time retailers have supported their suppliers. Chipotle Mexican Grill has provided financial support to help farmers make the transition from conventional to organic farming. Such packaged food companies as Pacific Foods and Nature’s Path have purchased farms for raising their own organic chickens. And since 2006, Whole Foods has loaned over 18 million dollars to help local producers expand their efforts. 1*   

Organic agriculture was the way of life before the introduction of industrialized farming and pesticides.   Organic fields foster diversity of life in the soil while avoiding the use of toxic chemicals that can accumulate in our soil, food, water and our bodies. It allows farmers to build fertility through natural ecosystems, rather than relying on outside sources, such as pesticides and non-organic fertilizers. 2*

In addition to this initiative, Costco is also taking other measures, both in regards to organic products and socially conscious market practices. They raise chickens at their own poultry plant in Alabama. They are working to obtain wild shrimp from a Mexican vendor instead of getting it from Thailand where human rights violations include human trafficking and slave labor in their seafood industry. Lastly, they are contracting with Nebraskan farmers to raise cattle on organic fields.1*

As consumers, we must continue to push for organic food by supporting the grocers and retailers who sell it, asking our local grocers to stock offer it and support local farmers through farmers markets and co-ops. By doing this, the percentage of organic farms will surely grow. In the meantime, get the beneficial bacteria you need from BODY BIOTICS™ BIO IDENTICAL SBO PROBITOCS CONSORTIA™.  It was created to replace the friendly soil born bacteria we have been missing in our microbiomes with the decline of organic farming.*

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