Nov 01 2020

Another benefit of probiotics…they can save us money in the long run

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Another benefit of probiotics…they can save us money in the long run. 1*

The study suggests that widespread probiotic use could save both individuals and the nation’s health care system a whole lot of money.1*

Our goal is to stay healthy. By staying on top of our health, we put ourselves on the offensive, rather than the defensive. At the core of this offensive play is keeping our guts balanced and in optimal health, therefore keeping our immune system at its strongest.*

As we know by now, taking Body Biotics™ Bio-Identical SBO Probiotics Consortia™ is not a fad or trend. It is a way of life that so many of our customers have come to know and depend on for daily health. Their testimonials say it all. It explains why we have built a community of health-conscious individuals passionate about a product that has been around since way before many people in the US had even heard about probiotics. They understand that when the gut is healthy, the rest of the body follows.*

And this health plan extends beyond good digestion, clear skin, elevated mood, and being forearmed against disease and illness. If you’ve suffered from an illness, you know the relief and contentment that a clean bill of health brings. You’ve heard the expression…” when you have your health you have it all”. When we are healthy, it brings peace of mind. We worry less and presumably enjoy a happier, better quality of life.*

Additionally, it means fewer doctor visits, tests, and medications which translates to less money and time spent on the individual as well as system-wide levels.  With the rising cost of health care and health insurance in our country, this is more pertinent than ever. That is the premise of a study from August of 2019, in which researchers developed an economic model that showed that widespread probiotic use in our country would bring significant cost savings to both individuals and the health care system as a whole.1*

According to this study, “…General probiotic use in the U.S. could save the health care payer and the economy around $1.4 billion in medical bills and lost productivity due to acute respiratory tract infections (RTIs). RTIs, which include influenza-like illnesses (ILIs), which range in symptoms from a mild cold to a more serious flu While most resolve on their own, may result in a high number of medical visits and the costs weigh heavily on our health care system.1*

The study, which was a systematic review by York Health Economics Consortium (YHEC) and Cochrane Collaborative, revealed that probiotic use was connected to a lower number and a shorter duration of influenza-like illnesses, antibiotic courses, and the number of missed days from work. The researchers created a model to outline the estimated cost savings of general probiotic use in the U.S.  They took into account demographics for age, whether people were smokers, vaccinated, and how much time people spent in shared indoor environments.1*

Using data provided during the 2017-2018 flu season from the CDC and other national databases, they estimated the number of ILI cases, their duration, and the costs as a result of doctor visits and days missed from school or work. Their analysis demonstrated that “…if everyone in the U.S. took probiotics, health care payers would save $373 million in RTI-associated medical bills in one year. These savings include the cost of more than two million courses of antibiotic prescriptions averted and correspond to a decrease of 54.5 million sick days. When counting the savings from reduced productivity loss of 4.2 million workdays, the total savings for society would amount to $1.4 billion…”1*

While this study focused on respiratory Illnesses and colds, we know by taking Body Biotics™ Bio-Identical SBO Probiotics Consortia™ along with other preventative health measures such as a diet high in fiber and low in sugar, regular exercise, lots of water, consistent sleep, less stress, and annual wellness checks, insure our bodies against various illness and health issues. This also applies to the current pandemic and the novel coronavirus (Covid-19). While there is still no cure or vaccine, we can only surmise that a healthy and strong immune system (along with washing hands, social distancing and wearing a mask), is your best defense to avoid it or get through it with minimal pain and suffering. Stay healthy now to avoid health issues later. And the cost savings to staying healthy is just an added bonus for us all.

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