May 29 2016

Are we losing the Battle with GMO’s out of control

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Bayer makes bid for Monsanto.1*
Bayer’s offer to buy Monsanto puts the food giant back in the news just as the March against Monsanto takes its annual protest to the streets.(1,2)*


Yesterday, (May 21), protesters marched once again against the food industry giant Monsanto. They took to the streets to demonstrate against Monsanto’s practices of growing genetically modified food, getting patents on seeds, and suing farmers for saving and replanting those seeds. They are also protesting against Monsanto’s and other large corporations’ influence over government food policy. Monsanto’s negative reputation also stems from their buying out other small companies to include seed companies.  People are demanding that all products containing genetically engineered food be labeled as such, so we know what we are purchasing and putting in our bodies. This movement to support small farmers and rally against corporate influence over our food supply was the subject of Neil Young’s recent album aptly titled, “The Monsanto Years.” It is an anthem against the development and sale of genetically engineered seeds and the ill treatment of small farmers who have been “bullied” by this giant. (1,2,3)*

According to the “March Against Monsanto” website, “…Organic and small farmers suffer losses while Monsanto continues to forge its monopoly over the world’s food supply, including exclusive patenting rights over seeds and genetic makeup. Monsanto’s GMO seeds are harmful to the environment; for example, scientists have indicated they have caused colony collapse among the world’s bee population…”2*

In a 2015 Harris poll of the most liked and hated companies in America, Monsanto was rated as one of the “most hated companies in America…” ranking number 4 only behind Goldman Sachs, BP and Halliburton Co., both of the latter which were involved in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. But that didn’t stop the German based company Bayer, best known for aspirin, to offer $42 million to buy Monsanto this last week.  If the Bayer acquisition should go through, it would marry “:…its crop-chemicals operations with Monsanto Co.’s market-leading seed business to create the largest company of its kind…”  Bayer’s stockholders responded negatively to the news, with stock dropping 8%.  Monsanto owners are expected to counter with a higher price and negotiations are still under way, according to analysts. Bayer, a much larger player in the pesticide business, is the biggest supplier of neonicotinoid insecticides, which are used as seed treatments on corn and soybeans and are blamed for harming bees. (1,2,3)*

This is one more instance of consolidation in companies that sells seeds and pesticides to farmers. The other two deals that have taken place recently is DuPont merging with Dow Chemical and the China National Chemical Corp. buying Syngenta, which is the largest seller of agricultural chemicals.1*

“…Monsanto has manufactured controversial compounds throughout its history, including highly toxic polychlorinated biphenyls, also known as PCBs. It was also among companies that made the mixture of herbicides known as Agent Orange and used as a defoliant by the United States in the Vietnam War….’2*

“…Research studies have shown that Monsanto’s genetically-modified foods can lead to serious health conditions such as the development of cancer tumors, infertility and birth defects. In the United States, the FDA, the agency tasked with ensuring food safety for the population, is steered by ex-Monsanto executives, and we feel that’s a questionable conflict of interests and explains the lack of government-lead research on the long-term effects of GMO products….”2*

What can you do?

  • Educate yourself on GMOs
  • Buy organic and boycott Monsanto owned companies that use GMOs in their products.
  • Call your congressman and ask for labeling of GMOs
  • Look for products with the Non GMO seal.
  • Tell your representatives that you want to see further scientific research on the health effects of GMOs.
  • Spread the word about GMOs and Monsanto’s practices 2*

Food that is chemically altered or grown with pesticides should be avoided. Unfortunately, big business has gotten a hold of our food supply while we weren’t looking and the regulatory agencies that we trusted to protect it has turned their heads in many cases. Our bodies don’t recognize genetically modified foods. This is the opposite approach of  BODY BIOTICS™ Bio-Identical SBO Probiotics Consortia™.  Our product is made from mother earth herself with seven bacteria taken directly from the soil, combined in consortia to work naturally together. They are encapsulated in a natural prebiotic of pure humic and fulvic acid which enables these friendly bacteria to thrive. Taking your Body Biotics™ daily will help your body rid the toxins that are present, and bring your bacterial levels into balance. Avoid the foods that are not 100% organic when at all possible and keep your body functioning at its best.

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