Jun 25 2017

Artificial sweeteners are not so sweet after all

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Artificial sweeteners are not so sweet after all.
Diet drinks and artificial sweeteners can wreak havoc on your microbiome as well as your waistline.

Summer time is here, which means less clothes and more skin. Put up the jeans and coats and pull out the shorts, tank tops and swimsuits! In an effort to look good in summer attire, many people resort to diet soda, thinking they are getting a cold refreshing drink without the calories. In fact, a study published in 2016 in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition  and Dietetics shows that almost 50% of adults and 25% of children in the United States alone consume artificial sweeteners on a daily basis, with diet drinks being the majority of their intake. But research shows that diet drinks don’t help you lose weight. In fact, they have the OPPOSITE effect! 1*

What? It says diet on the label! Why wouldn’t we believe that to be true? Sadly, research is telling us otherwise. “…”Many health-conscious individuals like to consume low-calorie sweeteners as an alternative to sugar. However, there is increasing scientific evidence that these sweeteners promote metabolic dysfunction,” said Sabyasachi Sen, M.D., an Associate Professor of Medicine and Endocrinology at George Washington University in Washington, D.C…”2*

Sen and his colleagues conducted a study involving sucralose, a common sweetener found in many low calorie drinks and foods. They looked at its effects on stem cells…cells that could change into mature muscle, fat, bone cells or cartilage. Scientists put sucralose-saturated cells in petri dishes along with fat promoting substances, and then examined them after 12 days. “…The cells — which held the amount of artificial sweetener equal to about four cans of soda — showed an increase in fat production from these genes…” (2,3)*

Through another study, they took samples of abdominal fat from both normal weight and obese individuals who consumed low calorie sweeteners. Researchers found evidence of increased glucose in abdomen fat cells and an “over expression of known fat-producing genes”, especially in those who were obese They also demonstrated an increase in sweet taste receptors in fat tissue This over expression of sweet taste receptors in abdominal fat may play a rol   e in allowing glucose to enter cells, from which the body absorbs it into the bloodstream.(2,3)*

If this doesn’t raise enough concern to avoid artificial sweeteners, there are other studies as well. A 2014 study from the journal Nature, showed artificial sweeteners were found to alter gut bacteria in both people and mice. This increased their risk of glucose intolerance, a condition often preceding diabetes. Other studies have linked regular diet soda drinkers to type 2 diabetes, and a higher risk of metabolic syndrome including heart attack and stroke. While other factors may come into play to cause these conditions according to the studies, there are too many indicators pointing to ill health affects and artificial sweeteners, enough to consider avoiding them all together.1*

Artificial sweeteners are just that…artificial, fake, chemical. The bottom line is steer clear of overindulging in sugar and its fake alternative. Both are bad for the microbiome and only feed the unwanted bacteria. And don’t be fooled by gimmicks…there is a new coke product that has been released in Japan. It is called Coke Plus.  “…According to Coca-Cola, one Coke Plus a day—which is currently available only in Japan—can help “suppress fat absorption” and “moderate the levels of triglycerides in the blood.”  I’ll leave you with that for a good chuckle, but my recommendation is stick to real, whole foods, and fiber from vegetables and fruits. Feed your gut the foods that foster healthy bacteria growth, not unhealthy. Stay committed to your daily regimen of Body Bioticsâ„¢ Bio-Identical SBO Probiotics Consortiaâ„¢ to ensure a healthy balance of good to bad bacteria.4*

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