Apr 17 2016

Before biting into those healthy greens…

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Hold your fork! Before biting into those healthy greens, there’s something you need to know.
Fungicides sprayed on fruits and leafy greens have been shown to cause genetic changes in mouse neurons similar to those seen in autism and Alzheimer’s disease.1*

Before you delve into your next serving of leafy greens, there’s something you should know about a recent study that has come out of the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. Lead Scientist Mark Zylka, along with his colleagues, identified a class of modern fungicides called Strobilurins. which are applied to the crops of many of our favorite leafy greens including spinach, lettuce, cabbage, kale, along with such fruits as grapes, apples, pears and tomatoes, as having a possible link to such brain related conditions as Autism and Alzheimer’s. (1,2)*

The scientists made their discovery after exposing Petri dishes containing the brain cells of mice to more than 300 different pesticides and fungicides. One of these fungicides, Strobilurins, which has only been approved for use in the last 20 years, produced patterns of genetic changes commonly seen in such human conditions as Autism and Alzheimer’s.  This fungicide which is used more and more to treat crops, works by disrupting mitochondria, the tiny cellular structures which exist to ensure cells have the energy needed to properly function.1*

The scientists conducting this study exercised caution in stressing that even though they produced “…autism-like and Alzheimer’s-like signatures in the way genes are expressed in mouse neurons…”, there is no solid evidence that these chemicals contribute to these conditions in humans. What this research does do, is provide evidence that these fungicides are bad for neurons, as “…they turn the same genes on or off that you see not only in autism brains, but also in neurodegeneration…” (1,2)*

“…Tests on the mouse neurons revealed that the compounds dampened down the activity of genes involved in synaptic transmission, the mechanism by which neurons talk to each other…” What also occurred was the gene activity linked to inflammation in the nervous system increased and the mouse neurons produced more free radicals. “…These highly reactive particles are capable of damaging cellular machinery around them..” The fungicides also caused disruption to microtubules which can affect the mature neurons ability to communicate and slowed the normal movement of neurons in the developing brain. 1*

According to Zylka, “The question is does it get into our bodies at levels that are sufficient to get into the brain and cause some of the effects we see in these cultures? It’s definitely on our food at pretty high levels.” The author went on to say that because these fungicides are bad for neurons, he now buys organic produce whenever possible. “…I would prefer not to be exposed to chemicals like this, especially after seeing what they do to neurons,” he said…”1*

The author has made clear, “…this study absolutely does not mean that chemicals cause Autism, nor can we understand fully the risks that these chemicals may have for the human brain until further studies are carried out…”1*

More research is needed to know whether or not fungicides pose any risk to human health, and to what degree, but the screening procedure developed by these researches will hopefully help environmental agencies in their attempt to study these potentially harmful substances more closely. 1*

Consuming an abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits is essential to a good diet, and discovering these worrisome pieces of information makes us question, is there anything that I can safely eat anymore? The answer is yes! First of all, eat organic! Organic produce is not treated with pesticides or fungicides, so eat organic whenever possible. *

Additionally, at Body Biotics, we have created our Life’s Green Essentials™, which is essentially an organic, green leafy salad in a glass. This super food green powder can be added to smoothies, or even just mixed with water. Two scoops a day provides you with nutrients equivalent to eating two leafy green salads. Additionally, staying consistent with your Body Biotics™ BioIdentical SBO Probiotics Consortia™ helps to keep your gut populated with friendly microbiota and allows your body to naturally cleanse and detox chemicals, free radicals and waste by breaking down toxins into harmless molecules so that the body can easily eliminate them. In today’s world, staying healthy requires being proactive. Read labels, go organic and don’t trust big food companies with the foods you put in your mouth until you do your due diligence and research. 3*

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