Aug 28 2013

Beneficial Effects of Probiotics on Brain Function

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Newsflash: There is mounting evidence of the beneficial
effects of Probiotics
(friendly bacteria) on brain function


The profound benefits of Probiotics on gut health has long been known, but over the
course of the past year we are seeing an increased number of studies coming out which
are looking into the effects that intestinal microflora has upon brain health and brain

Unfriendly bacteria produce highly toxic chemicals within the body that adversely
affect the brain, as well as the body, given that much of how the brain itself functions
is due to chemistry and chemical reactions

A real eye opener.  Seriously, read this and have your mind blown.  Mine was.

Greenblatt’s solution might strike us as simple, but he’s actually targeting a
vast, complex,and mysterious realm of the human body: around 90 percent
of our cells are actually bacterial, and bacterial genes outnumber human
genes by a factor of 99 to 1. But those bacteria, most of which perform helpful
functions, weren’t always with us: a baby is essentially sterile until it enters the
birth canal, at which point the bacteria start to arrive — and they don’t stop.
From a mother’s vaginal microbes to  hugs and kisses from relatives, the
exposures of newborns and toddlers in their  earliest years is critical to the
development of a robust microbiome

Full Article:   Gut feelings: the future of psychiatry may be inside your stomach

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