Jul 07 2013

Body Biotics and Digestive Enzymes

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Do digestive enzyme supplements help/hurt?

Body Biotics helps provide the co-factors necessary to boost production of your own
natural enzyme activity, resulting in better digestion of your food. However, if you
are currently taking enzyme supplements, you should continue using them until you
have been on Body Biotics for several months. In most cases, customers have been able
to cut back to 1-3 a day based on eating habits. Body Biotics is not a substitute for the
body’s deficiencies. If you have a nutritional enzyme deficiency in any area, you may
need to supplement with that nutrient until you reach your desired results.

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Also see below for studies done showing how Body Biotics helps your body produce
more enzymes naturally.

SBOsâ„¢ Enhance Gut Metabolism and Promote Normal Bowel Function
Individuals consuming SBOsâ„¢ in the controlled study described above demonstrated
a marked increase (from 100 to more than 300%) in their ability to produce digestive
enzymes for starches, fats and proteins. The improvements in enzyme production were
assayed through their blood levels (See Table below) [Rothschild, et al., 2002].
Enzyme           Before SBOs™                 After SBOs™     Change       Reference Range
Amylase         16.8 DU/mm3                 40.2                      +139%         20-110 U/mm3
Lipase              4.6 FCCLU/mm3           20.0                      +335%        7-60 U/mm3
Protease         6.0 18.2 HUT/mm3      38.2                       +110%        30-90 HUT/ mm3
Protease         4.5 6.9 HUT/mm3         15.8                       +129%        12-40 HUT/ mm3
Protease         3.0 4.6 HUT/mm3         10.9                      +137%         8-16 HUT/ mm3

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