Nov 09 2014

Body Bioticsâ„¢ and taking care of your skin

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Body Biotics™ and your skin…taking care of things from the inside out.

Probiotics play an important role in your skin’s health. Just as they help your digestive tract and boost your immune system by increasing the number of friendly bacteria present, the benefits are systemic and help boost your whole body’s health, including your skin. It might seem strange to think that billions of tiny organisms living inside your digestive tract could influence the health of your skin, but they can. Our skin is teeming with bacteria. Even after you bathe, there are still millions of bacteria living on every inch of our bodies. So it is easy to see how Probiotics can benefit our skin’s health and keep skin diseases at bay, including eczema.

I was exploring new blog topics when one of our employees suggested we cover eczema, as she has had great results with her son who suffers from eczema. “…My 12 year old son has suffered from bouts of eczema ever since he was a toddler. The eczema would flare up on the inside of his arm around the elbow and behind his knees at least every couple of months.  I would put a topical cortisone on the eczema to help with the itching and redness but that never cured it.  About 8 months ago, I started him on Body Biotics™ and he has not had any flare ups of eczema since then.  I wish I would have known about Body Biotics™ when he was a toddler…they definitely have helped…”1

According to Dr. Mercola’s website, Probiotics “…have been shown to be beneficial for preventing eczema in infants…”1 It’s thought that giving an infant probiotics (good bacteria) helps to stave off eczema and other allergic diseases by beneficially altering the early colonization of bacteria in their gut, which may help the child’s immune system to develop and mature. It may be through a similar mechanism that probiotics help other skin conditions as well.1

“In 2003 a study of over 100 children from families with a history of eczema also found a benefit from probiotic supplementation, and just last year a study noted that daily supplements of probiotic foods may reduce the risk of eczema in children by 58 percent…”1

Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is more than just a skin problem. It signals a problem with your immune system. Eczema is said to be one of the first signs that an allergy is present in newborns.”…Three out of four children with eczema later go on to develop asthma or hay fever…”1

There has been an increase in eczema cases over the years. One theory for the increase is known as the hygiene hypothesis. This suggests that children are being exposed to a lower level of bacteria, which affects the development of their immune systems.1

“…Indeed, a study published in 2008 found that children with only a limited variety of bacteria in their intestines one week after birth are more likely to develop eczema by the age of 18 months…”1

“…The first clue that gut bacteria could play a role in risk for developing eczema came with the discovery that breastfed babies have a reduced incidence, prolonged onset and decreased severity of eczema…”2

“…Initially these benefits were attributed to the passage of immune cells called antibodies but research has shown that breastfeeding moms taking probiotics created an even greater eczema protective benefit in their children…”2

“Though I rarely recommend taking large numbers of supplements on a regular basis, a high-quality probiotic is one of my exceptions. In fact, it’s one of the few supplements recommended to all new patients in my clinic…”1

Please note that we don’t recommend starting Body Biotics™ SBO Prebiotic/Probiotic Consortia™ during pregnancy or while breastfeeding due to the detoxifying period. Start on Body Biotics™ at least 6 months prior to getting pregnant to ensure you are passing on healthy bacteria to your newborn.

For more information on this topic, please visit Resource 2 and 3 below.

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