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Body Biotics Bio-Identical SBO Probiotics Consortiaâ„¢

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Bio-Identical SBO Probiotics Consortia™ — A uniquely different form of Probiotic working to strengthen the immune system, provide messenger chemicals, rebalance friendly flora & restore optimal gut health.*

Part 3 of 4: What are SBOs, Probiotics Consortia, and Colony Forming Units (CFU)?
(In parts one and two, we explored the meaning of SBOs and their vital role in our long term health, as well as, taken a closer look at the history of the study of microorganisms, the human microbiota, and the important role of SBOs in our food source. In part three we will clarify the unique benefits of Bio-Identical SBO Probiotics Consortiaâ„¢, as well as, summarize some key points we have shared so far.)

Thank you for joining us for part three of this series on SBOs, CFU and Probiotics Consortia.  Today we are going to learn more about a new Probiotic term which we briefly mentioned in last weeks’ blog: Bio-Identical SBO Probiotics Consortia™ (abbreviated as:  BSBOPC™).

The word “Bio-identical” combined with SBO Probiotics Consortia™, is a term we have created to best describe the uniqueness of the Body Biotics™ formula and the full-range of health benefits that organic naturally-occurring consortia offers, as the most potent option when looking for a dynamic, safe and effective Probiotics supplement.  You will not have seen this term used anywhere in the Probiotics world prior to its introduction in our blog post on March 15, 2015.

What is a Bio-Identical SBO Probiotics Consortia™ (BSBOPC™)? A Bio-Identical (bio, meaning“ life” and identical, meaning “being the same or very similar”…see more at the end of our post) SBO Probiotics Consortia™ is a team of naturally-occurring friendly microorganisms trained by nature to live in harmony with each other for the full benefit of the group, as a whole.   When ingested from a purely organic food source or through the right Probiotic culture/formula, Bio-Identical SBO Probiotics help to replenish your natural friendly flora and restore a healthy balance between “friendly versus unfriendly” gut bacteria. This rebalancing triggers a host of other health benefits to support better digestion, improve nutritional absorption, enhance the immune system, and much more. [1) *

Best of all, BSBOPC™ are a team of naturally-occurring soil born organisms which are cultured in their native ancestral plant matter (GMO, chemical, and toxin FREE,) rather than isolated in a lab and singularly cultured on a “foreign” food source – so they’re an exact or similar match to your body’s memory of these various species of bacteria from nature that once were common place in our daily diets of “farm to table” organic foods.

Unlike isolated friendly species which have been removed from their natural environment, cultured individually, then grouped back into a packaged blend, (i.e. more of a “one-size-fits-all approach”; BSBOPC™ are custom cultured to match and replace the friendly bacteria strains that have gone missing from our food source. Bio-Identical SBO Probiotics™ allow your body to easily metabolize them so you receive the broad spectrum of dynamic health benefits nature intended. *

What are the benefits of BSBOPCâ„¢?
Bio-Identical SBO Probiotics Consortia™ offer a natural way to bring your gut flora into balance, trigger various natural metabolic activities, and alleviate the symptoms of chronic discomfort that you’ve been experiencing. *

Why do I need BSBOPCâ„¢ in my daily diet?
Scientist report 80% of immunity is housed in the intestines, our primary site for practically every disease. Nutrition assimilation, hormone production, energy regulation, hunger, production of happiness chemicals, and much more, all are controlled and/or composed by this master regulator organ that researchers have recently started calling the ‘second brain’. We may not know if the gut controls all health, all the time, but when the gut is out of balance or disrupted, then ALL health may be disrupted. Whether you are 22, 42, or 92 a healthy gut lays the foundation for youthful energy, abundant health and longevity.


To understand more about the true nature of Bio-Identical SBO Probiotics™, we rely on world-renown expert, the late Professor Lee Dexter, who spent her entire life in the world of microbiology. Holder of several patents derived from her knowledge of soil bacteria, she also identified and catalogued more than 600 species of SBOs with the USDA− far more submissions than any other researcher, worldwide.


During a private interview with Professor Dexter in the summer of 2009, she shared with me that the widely accepted practice of researchers is to isolate things down to a single unit and then study them from that singular point. And, we have certainly gleaned tremendous information about single species of friendly bacteria by using this approach.  Prof. Dexter goes on to explain,

“…if the benefits of the group far exceed the benefits of any one single organism, then isolating the various species does not offer a complete picture of the dynamics of the group…”

Observing SBOs in nature as “a group” is key to understanding what is required to mimic nature in such a way as to create a Bio-Identical SBO Probiotics Consortia into a nutritional supplement form. Professor Dexter gave more insight into the natural behavior and benefits of SBO Probiotics in her article titled: “The Safety and Efficacy of Bacillus sp. as Probiotics,” March, 2010, when she wrote:

“…A specialized area, called spore Probiotics, offers certain advantages when used in combination with other non-spore forming Probiotics, such as, Lactobacillus sp. In nature, Bacillus sp. are usually found in conjunction with other Probiotics as part of stable symbiotic groups of bacteria called “consortia.” Consortia are assemblages of microorganisms, in which each organism benefits from the metabolic activities of others−in the group. Such naturally-occurring consortia are known to be quite stable during transfer from one culture to another, and to retain their functional integrity better than single (isolated) organisms or blended combinations of single (isolated) species. During growth these naturally-occurring consortia produce their own matrix that surrounds the living cells, and they reach an ideal balance between each species….” [1) *

Professor Dexter’s expertise was such a fresh insight into the vast health benefits of a true Probiotic, that we asked her to head-up our Body Biotics™ FDA Structure/Function Submission, fortunately for us, she said yes.  In her Executive Summary of Body Biotics SBO Probiotics Consortia™, as part of our 700+ page filing, she wrote:

“…Probiotic bacteria influence the metabolism and well-being of the gut and of the whole body through a variety of mechanisms, which scientists are finding to be more complex than originally thought…” “…These bacteria communicate with the body and the immune system through the epithelial cells of the gut wall using a complicated system of messenger chemicals [Heyman, et al., 2002 and Husebye et al., 2001]….” [2) *

Professor Dexter summarizes that:  “…Probiotic organisms are thought to have four basic mechanisms of action…” [2) *

  • They prevent the build-up of waste materials and toxic compounds in the colon by either blocking their formation or by breaking toxins and waste materials down into harmless molecules that can be easily eliminated [Rolfe, 2002]. [2) *
  • They inhibit the growth of organisms that are harmful to humans by either secreting antimicrobial substances, or by blocking the ability of the harmful organisms to adhere to or puncture the gut wall [Rolfe, 2002]; [2) *
  • Through fermentation, they secrete helpful compounds that nourish other cells (such as those in the colon or liver), alter the colonic environment, or serve as signals to communicate with the immune system.) These compounds may include vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes, bioactive peptides, organic acids, and polysaccharides [Bravo, 1998, Tieking, et al., 2003, Zvauya, et al., 1997, Seppo,et al., 2003, Calderon, et al., 2003, Mensah, et al., 1995, and Olsen, et al., 1995]. [2) *
  • They exhibit strong antioxidant activities, which include the ability to scavenge reactive oxygen species, chelate metal ions such as iron and copper, inhibit the formation of the enzymes that create reactive oxygen species, and reduce oxidants [Lin, et al., 1999]….” [2) *

As you can see there is still much to learn about the multifaceted world of Probiotics.  Even after 20 years in this industry, I learn something new and exciting every day. But let’s summarize the most important key points we have shared in this series:

  • A specialized area, called spore Probiotics, offers certain advantages when used in combination with other non-spore forming Probiotics, such as, Lactobacillus sp.. [1) *
  • Naturally-occurring consortia are assemblages of microorganisms, in which each organism benefits from the metabolic activities of others in the group. [1) *
  • Naturally-occurring consortia are known to be quite stable during transfer from one culture to another, and to retain their functional integrity. [1) *
  • Naturally-occurring consortia produce their own matrix that surrounds the living cells, and they reach an ideal balance between each species. [1) *
  • SBO Probiotics Consortia form a natural affinity, mutualistic or symbiotic relationship with one another and are very critical to rebalancing the friendly vs. unfriendly bacteria in the gut and supporting the growth of many other friendly organisms, as well as, performing a variety of health benefits through their complex communication signaling network. [1) *
  • SBOs (Soil Born Organisms) crowd out unfriendly organisms that lead to disease. [2) *
  • The human gut has an estimated variety of 500 species of bacteria. (3]
  • Researchers believe that it is probable that 99% of 100s of species of bacteria in the gut come from about 30 or 40 species. (3]
  • Stig Bengmark, MD, pH D, likens the (genetic) difference between one Probiotic bacteria over another as being: “… larger than the difference between a man and a goldfish…”(3]
  • SBOs can lay dormant and survive cold, heat and drought for long periods of time; awaiting the right conditions for them to come alive and thrive once more. (3]
  • In the late 1970s, Body Bioticsâ„¢ SBO Probiotics Consortiaâ„¢ became the “first and only” Bio-Identical SBO Probiotics Consortiaâ„¢ to be naturally rendered dormant and encapsulated in its own organic plant food source of nutrient-rich Humic/Fulvic acids.
  • Today, 80% of the brands you see on the market are less than 3 to 5 years old.
  • Unless you are buying purely organic foods to restore the friendly SBOs to your diet, you are tasked with the need to find the most natural Bio-Identical Probiotics Consortiaâ„¢ supplement available on the market.


Friendly soil bacteria were intended to be ingested everyday on our organic food source.  If you are not eating 100% organic, you are missing a critical element to help you maintain a strong immune system and to keep your “friendly versus unfriendly” gut bacteria in check, as well as, a vast range of many other health benefits.

We encourage you to find a powerful, effective, Bio-Identical SBO Probiotic Consortia™, such as Body Biotics™, to add to your daily diet.  You, your family, and beloved pets all need this kind of daily immune and gut support to safeguard against unfriendly bacteria, environmental toxins and the borage of chemicals that permeate everything around us.

Join us next week when we wrap up this series,  as we explain the term CFU, why this may or may not be important, and why the standard testing for CFU does not apply to Bio-Identical SBO Probiotic Consortia ™.


Wishing you all the best in life, health, and happiness,



     * Note: These customer statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease



  1. Professor Lee B. Dexter, March 2010 / The Safety and Efficacy of Bacillus sp. as Probiotics,
  2. Structure/Function Claims for Soil-Based Organismsâ„¢



Bio: word-forming element, indicating or involving life or living organisms: biogenesis, biolysis from Greek bio-, comb. form of bios,” but in modern science it has been extended to mean “organic life.” Identical, adj. 1610s, as a term in logic, from Medieval Latin identicus “the same,” from Late Latin identitas “identity, sameness,” “being the same or very similar” biology: noun, the study of living organisms, including their structure, functioning, evolution, distribution, and interrelationships, etc, of a particular organism or group of organisms

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