Jun 16 2019

Build a beautiful garden and reap the rewards

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Build a beautiful garden and reap the rewards.
Planting a summer garden brings a bounty of fresh produce that you can enjoy all summer long.  

A century ago, gardens were in every back yard with fresh produce on every dinner table. But things are different today. It has become a lost art to many with busy work schedules, the ease of dropping into a grocery store and fast food restaurants on every corner. We don’t have to grow our own food because it is so easily accessible. We are incredibly lucky for this reason.

But the more we learn about the overuse of pesticides, the over farming of land which is depleting our soils, and the fact that we often don’t know which country is the origin of that day’s produce shopping, it may be time to reconsider going back to the days of planting  our own gardens. There is nothing more rewarding than stepping outside to appreciate your own herb and vegetable garden, or fruit trees that you planted and tended to yourself. From breaking ground and tilling your own soil, to planting the seeds, watering, trimming, weeding and plucking. At harvest time, the joy of picking those fresh veggies and herbs and bringing them into the kitchen to be included in your meals is something that is lost on most people today.

Having a garden is not always easy, but when you get the hang of it, it can really become a pleasurable hobby and way of life. Sustainable living is something we all might want to explore. And it doesn’t take that much room…just a small plot of land that gets plenty of sunlight and water. There are a lot of creative ideas for gardens in small spaces. One trip to Pinterest can spark your creative juices.

Consider the many benefits of having a garden:

  • It encourages you to be outside doing physical activity in the sunshine.
  • It gives you the chance to get your hands dirty, making contact with the rich soil, exposing us to the natural soil born bacteria that we lack in our daily diets. Connecting with the earth is good for the soul. It takes you back to the days of making mud pies and makes you reconnect with your younger self.
  • It gives you the satisfaction that you grew something yourself and your efforts brought something so beautiful.
  • It saves you money.
  • It provides a wonderful education for your children about how to be self sustaining and that, yes, food does come from the ground, not out of a box.
  • It promotes healthy eating within the family.
  • It tastes so much better to have home grown fruits and vegetables.
  • You decide what goes into your soil
  • You can grow your vegetables without pesticides or fungicides.

Not sure where to start? Do what I did and head to your local nursery and ask lots of questions. There you can get not only the advice you need but the soil, tools and materials to create a space that can flourish, Grab some mosquito netting to ward off any pests and deters any animals that might want to dig up your seeds or your plants.  The nursery staff can also help you figure out when to plant each vegetable.    

So what if growing your own garden is not your thing? How can you still get the same fresh local produce? Hit the farmers markets! They are everywhere and getting bigger and better each year. According to the USDA Farmers Market Directory, “….The number of farmers markets in the United States has grown rapidly in recent years, from just under 2,000 in 1994 to more than 8,600 markets currently registered…”.Support your local farmers and you will know the areas and farms from which your produce was grown. Grocery stores have produce from all over, which is good and bad. But sometimes we are buying  produce and even fish and meats from other countries without knowing it. At the Farmer’s Market you can chat with local farms and find out about their farming practices.1

Support farm to table restaurants. They work with local farmers to bring fresh local produce into their restaurants.

Since it is Father’s Day, there is a segue here…after all, we reap what we sow. And so do fathers. Father’s plant their own gardens so to speak, and watch their little sprouts grow into amazing human beings. If it weren’t for our fathers, we wouldn’t be here. A father gives care, a nurturing environment and the resources needed  to grow a family. They provide the support and strong foundation for his children to build upon and from which to launch into the world. He weeds out the bad behaviors and ideas, and guides his children to grow upward. A father gets out what he puts into his family. Take time today to tell your father ‘thank you’ for giving you the environment, nourishment, love, and hard work that it took to raise you. If not for our fathers, we would not be the people we are today. If you are a father…thank you! If you have a father, thank him.

In honor of Father’s Day, go plant a garden and watch how the care you put into it makes it grow. You’ll find it is not always easy, but it is so worth the effort.

From all of us at Body Biotics, Int’l., Corp, enjoy your day Dads!

Healthiest wishes,





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