Feb 13 2012

Can you tell me why Body Biotics does not use CFUs on the label?

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Q. Can you tell me why Body Biotics does not use CFUs on the label?

A. The need for CFU identification does not apply to our product because it does not function in the body in the same way as 99% of all other probiotics on the market. Most probiotics are isolated out of their food source…so they have an established number at the point they are extracted and freeze dried (sometimes months before they become part of a bottled product and even longer before a consumer buys that bottle of product.) Our product is not freeze-dried or extracted…it is encapsulated with its living food source, so the number of CFUs becomes established when you ingest them not before. Each person will multiple them by the billions depending on the current condition of the gut and their dietary habits. The cleaner the persons gut or eating habits the more the SBOs are supported and the quicker they multiple and colonize. That’s why some people will notice a response in several days and others take several weeks.

On the other hand…if a person’s body is severely stressed and unbalanced, sometimes, just one Body Biotics capsule can have a major impact on the gut because the gut is so deplete of friendly bacteria. So the product really has a mind of its own and will respond perfectly to each individual’s needs.

Understanding the many dynamic benefits of a fully functioning Probiotics Supplement can be very confusing, especially when information in the marketplace has conflicting explanations on how Probiotics really work and what constitutes an effective living Probiotics. Our standard are high and our formulation is uniquely advanced, utilizing the full understanding of the relationship between friendly bacteria and the human gut.

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