Apr 13 2014

Candida The Silent Killer Part 2

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Reclaim your health and your life from candida, the “silent killer”.

(Part Two)

In last week’s post we covered the very problematic and unfortunately very common
condition —  Candida.  What is of grave concern, is that oftentimes people have this
condition but aren’t aware that their chronic fatigue, foggy headedness, sleeplessness
and loss of sexual appetite, are the result of an overgrowth of this highly opportunistic,
pathogenic microorganism, known as Candida albicans. I hope you had time to take the
quick test that we provided in last week’s post and also took  the “saliva test,” to determine
if you have an overgrowth of candidas albicans. So what if after taking these two tests you
have discovered that you are among the over 80% of Americans plagued by this condition?
Though it can be tricky to get rid of, there are steps you can take to reclaim your health
and your life and get your candida under control.

There are many dietary changes you can make that will help curtail the overgrowth of
candida albicans. We often overlook the most obvious solutions to our health concerns…
changing what we put in our mouth. Instead of changing our diet, we often reach first for
over the counter drugs or prescriptions which often just mask our symptoms. Why do this
when a natural  alternative of addressing our core health could be the answer? I encourage
you to address the whole body for the long term and not just address the symptoms in the
short term.

In the battle against candida overgrowth, first and foremost, you want to cut out
candida’s food source – sugar
. Candida love sugar! This includes sweets such as
cookies, cake, candy and wine, and also the other foods that turn to sugar in your body such
as breads, pastas and other carbohydrates. Because sugar is candida’s favorite food, people
with candida overgrowth will have a strong craving for sweets. The more sugar you eat, the
more you are feeding the candida. Even fruit, which contains sugar — albeit natural —
should be kept to a minimum. Since carbohydrates turn to sugar in our bodies, we want to
limit those to about 100-150 grams per day. You don’t want to completely eliminate carbs,
as you don’t want to go ketogenic, which is also not a favorable condition when you have

Now that you have cut off candida’s food source, you want to add a healthy supply of
friendly bacteria to your gut. I would recommend ramping up on your intake of BODY
BIOTICSâ„¢SBO Probiotics Consortiaâ„¢
 to about 6-8 capsules per day for a good 6-8
months. The friendly bacteria literally starve out the candida. The anti-microbial and anti-
fungal properties of Body Biotics will suppress the growth of candida in various regions
of the body. Even if you have a severe case, our product is systemic and has signaling
capabilities that go beyond the gut and inhibits candida’s ability to adhere to cell surfaces.
Body Biotics will help to repopulate the body’s intestinal flora and reduce candida populations.

According to Dr. Rothschild’s article on The Biology of Lactoferrin,  “Lactoferrin, such
as that found in Body Bioticsâ„¢ SBO Probiotics Consortiaâ„¢, is a first line of defense against
invading pathogens…”2  Or as he puts I, “…nature’s own endogenous antibiotics found
naturally occurring in significant concentrations in human milk, saliva, tears and other
external secretions…”2  “…Lactoferrin demonstrates a significant antifungal effect against
a variety of pathogenic candida species.  In addition to lactoferrin’s ability to interfere with
candida growth on its own, it also displays potent synergism with common antifungal
drugs… “1  “…Lactoferrin’s ability to bind to iron may contribute to its antifungal activity,
especially since iron appears to enhance the proliferation of candida species…”1

Additionally, you want to make sure your pH is in check. We covered the import-
ance of a healthy pH balance in keeping pathogens at bay in a previous post and it is no
different in the case of candida. Bad bacteria and disease love an acidic environment. So
by bringing your system to slightly alkaline, the candida will not have such a field day in
your system.

I’d also suggest using our ALOE PURE™ for about 2-14 days depending on how severe
your case is. This will help cleanse the intestinal tract.

There are certain spices and herbs that exert antimicrobial activity against candida, such
as cumin, oregano and garlic. These plants have had to ward off pathogenic fungi in order
to survive over time, so they have developed anti-fungal capabilities. Garlic in particular “…
can cause potent growth inhibition in yeast and is effective against mucosal and
systemic/invasive candidiasis…”1

Researchers have also looked into the fungicidal activity of resveratrol against Candida
albicans. Resveratrol is a compound found in the skin of grapes, and may contribute to
the anti-inflammatory characteristics of red wine.  Like Body Biotics, resveratrol has “…
demonstrated potent antifungal properties and appears to be safer than conventional
antifungal drugs…”1  Further research revealed that resveratrol impairs the ability of
Candida albicans to convert into its more infections form…”1

The active ingredient in Goldenseal, a botanical that has been used to fight inflammation
and infection, is berberine.  Berberine “…has shown to have strong antifungal effects
against candida in a laboratory setting…” and “…has also demonstrated synergistic effects
against Candida albicans when used in combination with commonly used antifungal drugs…”1

“Laboratory research indicates that tea tree oil may exert its yeast-killing effect by
inhibiting candida’s ability to replicate. It also appears to interfere with membrane
properties/functions of candida…” And “…reduces candida’s ability to adhere to human
cell surfaces…”1

Some additional alternative candida therapies are also available such as Caprylic Acid,
a non-prescription agent that is well known for its anti-bacterial and anti fungal properties,
as well as Boric Acid which is “…often used as a supplement for building strong bones and
muscles as well as supporting cognitive function and muscle coordination…” It has also “…
been shown to inhibit the growth and reproduction of fungi and is used intra vaginally to
treat yeast infections…”1

So to review, if you are battling candida:

  1. Cut sugar or any foods that turn to sugar from your diet.
  2. Increase your intake of Body Biotics to help starve out the bacteria.
  3. Make sure your pH is in balance, or slightly alkaline
  4. Do a 2-14 day cleanse with Aloe Pureâ„¢
  5. Add beneficial spices, along with  Golden Seal to your diet.
  6. Try the alternative candida therapies available

I hope this helps you to understand how you can combat candida. If you don’t have candida,
keeping sugar to a minimum, balancing your pH and taking a daily dose of Body Biotics,
will ensure you don’t develop an overgrowth of candida in the future.


Until next week, stay healthy my friends!




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