Feb 05 2017

Candida is more dangerous than you think

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Candida is more dangerous than you think.
When allowed to grow out of control, Candida leads to multiple and dangerous health conditions.

Last week we laid out a regimen for crowding out Candida and taking back one’s health. If candidiasis is a condition you think you might be suffering from, I hope you took the advice to heart and really got serious about taking the necessary steps to clean up your gut. Candida Albicans, when allowed to overrun your microbiome, can break down the delicate membrane walls of the digestive tract and actually penetrate into the bloodstream. If left unchecked, this can become quite dangerous as Candida is toxic to our systems. As the body’s organs are all interdependent, when one becomes unhealthy, others can follow. As we know, addressing our health at the core, and ensuring the gut is healthy, sets us up for long term health. It is unfortunate that so many of today’s doctors don’t follow this. As we go from one doctor to another with our myriad symptoms, they continue to prescribe medications that often mask our symptoms instead of addressing the true problems. Without ever addressing the core problem of an unhealthy gut, one’s health issues can spiral out of control, and it’s a shame to know that a few simple steps, (though for so many can be difficult to follow), might have made the difference. .

“…When Candida breaches the intestinal barrier and enters the bloodstream it releases toxic byproducts—including acetaldehyde—into your body. Acetaldehyde is a well-known carcinogen and is responsible for “hangover” symptoms such as nausea, headache, fatigue, and liver damage—definitely not something you want floating around in your body in large quantities…”(1,2)*

Candida overgrowth and leaky gut are bedfellows.  “…A leaky gut creates the perfect environment for Candida to multiply, pass through the intestinal lining, and enter the bloodstream along with the undigested food particles..” At the same time, if Candida is allowed to colonize the gut, it can damage the intestinal lining, therefore leading to leaky gut syndrome. Once to this point, the body becomes compromised as the Candida toxins, food particles and other bad bacteria enter the blood stream. Your body, because it doesn’t recognize these particles, creates antibodies to fight them off, leading to autoimmune disorders to include Rheumatoid arthritis, chronic inflammation, liver damage and the snowball effect of other metabolic conditions. This is why Candida overgrowth should not be taken lightly. (1,2)* .

When the toxins released from Candida overgrowth enter the bloodstream, they must now be filtered by the liver. Too many toxins can stress the liver, making it difficult for it to function properly. Its role of maintaining blood sugar levels, regulating hormones and storing nutrients, is compromised. This explains why many of the symptoms of Candida overgrowth to include brain fog, fatigue and mental health disorders are similar to an overworked liver. Part of many Candida cleanses include liver support supplements and detoxification support.(1,2)*

Another byproduct of Candida overgrowth and leaky gut syndrome is chronic inflammation. When foreign particles and toxins enter the blood stream, the body releases antigens to fight them off. When left unchecked, this continuous release of antibodies causes the body to be in a constant state of “battle” and inflammation. Inflammation is our bodies’ defense mechanism to buffer and heal (as with a bone break for example). But if the inflammation doesn’t go away, this is when chronic inflammation occurs, resulting in joint aches and pains, arthritis, skin rashes, brain fog and can eventually lead to autoimmune disease.(1,2)*

You can see how Candida overgrowth is a nasty health problem to overcome. The terrible part is that the worse it gets, the harder it is to stave off sugar cravings which feed this yeast. Last week we laid out a plan for you to start the clean up necessary to balance the gut and starve out Candida, which included cutting off Candida’s food source, repopulating the gut with good bacteria by taking a therapeutic dose of Body Biotics™ Bio-Identical SBO Probiotics Consortia™, and finally healing the gut. Stay strong and follow the course! Next week, we will look at healing the gut and the foods which help with this step. These are foods that are particularly beneficial when cleaning up the gut and healing it as you detoxify your microbiome of this damaging condition.

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