May 11 2014

Children and Probiotics…

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We all know that a healthy immune system is our greatest defense to keep infection and illness at bay…no matter what our age. And as parents and grandparents, we are eager to take whatever steps necessary to keep our children safe and healthy. That is why it is so important to make sure we are doing what we can at a very fundamental level and at an early age to protect our kids, literally, from the inside out. Taking thoughtful steps when they are young is important for setting them off on the right track for a life full of health and well being.


A child comes into the world with trillions of bacteria in their gastrointestinal system, many which are good bacteria. They are there to keep a baby healthy. Newborns also pick up some of the mothers microbes as they pass through the birth canal. These inoculated bacteria reflect the microbiota of the mother’s vagina and gastrointestinal tract. Because breast milk is full of prebiotics that promote the growth of healthy bacteria, nursing mothers help their babies build up a strong immune system. What mothers need to know is that infants receive their first microbial inoculation at the time of delivery. This transfer is further reinforced during breastfeeding by the bacteria in the breast milk and the breast skin. Recent studies suggest that this initial exposure to the mother’s bacteria may have an important contribution to early colonization of the gut. [Kallioma, et, al., 2008]


But at an early age, children are introduced to antibiotics, which kill off the good bacteria along with the bad, which can leave their immune systems compromised and set them up for an increased susceptibility to illness, digestive issues and other health challenges. To top it off, kids are famous for loving the foods that that don’t support a strong immune system. That is why it is important to make sure your children are receiving a healthy dose of friendly bacteria to keep their immune systems strong and ward of a variety of health issues.


There have been many compelling studies regarding children and the use of probiotics. They support the use of probiotics on a daily basis; some even indicate benefits when taken by the expectant mother long before the child is born.


Here is a list of some studies focused on the use of Probiotics for Children:

Saran, et al, 2002 studied the use of fermented foods to combat stunting and failure to thrive in children. The conclusion: that 6 months of Probiotics supplementation may be beneficial to increase the integrity of the gut epithelium, to decrease diarrheal morbidity, and to accelerate growth in the experimental group. [Saran, et al., 2002] **

Atopic dermatitis, allergic rhinitis, and bronchial asthma in child-hood represent a significantly large segment of chronic diseases in the Western World. According to Kopp, et al., 2007. His concept, supported by epidemiology data, shows that children with allergy in comparison to healthy children have a different

intestinal flora with higher levels of Clostridia and lower levels of Bifidobacteria. [Kopp, et al., 2007] ** [Note: similar studies that support Kopp, et al., 2007 findings are: Ouwehand, 2007, Odamaki, et al., 2007, and Halpern, et al., 2002] **

Obesity among children is increasing at an alarmingly high rate. According to Kallioma, et al., 2008, children may find themselves in a vicious cycle: obese children often become obese adults and maternal obesity over nourishes the fetus, thereby programming the child to have a heightened risk of obesity as an adult. Scientific advances point to systemic low grade inflammation and local gut microbiota as contributing factors to glucose

being rapidly absorbed and fatty acids excessively stored. Both processes boost weight gain. [Kallioma, et al., 2008] **

Probiotics help mature the immune system in young children, reports Ouwehand, 2007. The intestine, where most of the antibody producing cells reside, is the body’s largest immune organ. According to Ouweland, 2007, consumption of Probiotics (and Prebiotics) aimed at modulating the composition and/or the activity of the intestinal microbiota, can be expected to influence the immune system, positively; after sufficient time and sufficient amount of consumption. [Ouwehand, 2007] **


This is only a small sample of studies that are being conducted around the world on Probiotic supplementation use for children. Every day, researchers are closer to the truth about the dynamic benefits of daily supplementation of Probiotics for all ages.

These studies demonstrate how important it is for mothers to consider daily Probiotic supplementation long before pregnancy occurs. Additionally, the growing body of information suggest that SBO Probiotics Consortia, which have been fermented into a more bioactive state using a variety of different strains of organisms (when taken daily in the right dosage over a period of time), have produced better results than taking single strains or extracted version.


To ensure your children are getting enough friendly bacteria in their diets, we have BODY BIOTICS™ Children’s Chewables™ which are an excellent choice for kids. They have a berry flavor that children (and adults) like. You can also open a capsule of BODY BIOTICS™ SBO Prebiotic/Probiotic Consortia™ 500mg capsule and sprinkle a little in applesauce. And don’t forget your pets. Probiotics are excellent for pets as well as they can also experience bacterial imbalances brought on by antibiotic use, a diet of heat-treated foods and lack of exposure to clean earth where friendly soil born microbes live .These factors can result in our furry friends experiencing constipation, flatulence, diarrhea, bad breath and poor coats, which can be turned around with a daily dose of BODY BIOTICS™ SBO Prebiotic/Probiotics Consortia™.


I hope this provides you with food for thought for taking a proactive approach to keeping your kids (and your pets) healthy for the long run.


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