Dec 01 2012

Common Question Regarding Body Biotics Efficacy

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Question regarding Body Biotics efficacy:


We have been using the Body Biotics for a couple of months now and getting wonderful results with my child.  However, it seems that on our 3rd  bottle were are not getting the same benefits, in fact, things seem to be undone.   Now, again on the 4th bottle things are improving again.  Is it possible that the organisms are dead?  Concerned Mom from Florida


 Dear Concerned,

 Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding the bottle of Body Biotics. First, let me say that all of our product is encapsulated about every 6 weeks.  It has a minimum shelf life of 5 years because the organisms are alive and thriving in their own natural food source.  So, right away, I want to say that I do not think it possible that the product was not as potent…in fact, quite the contrary.  When you are ramping up on Body Biotics you will go through stages that are working so successfully and then at times things seems to get worse or even reversed.  This is very normal and is an indication that the body now has enough activity of friendly bacteria to now begin addressing other issues and has hit another plateau which often looks like a reversal.  This up and down process is quite common and will happen over and over again as your body continue the natural healing process. All of this is great  news because it means the body is now ready to deal with and naturally repair some chronic or occasional issue of which you may not even be aware.  When this happens, you have two choices:

 1)      Bump up one capsule a day and push through or

2)      Ease back one capsule a day and slow down…let your body work through the issue more gently.


I hope this helps…as the body is a miracle worker when we give it the proper building blocks to support the natural healing process. 

Be well,

Kelli de Sante`

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