Jun 29 2014

Consumer Announcement/Notification to FDA

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Twenty two Implicit and Explicit Claims regarding
BODY BIOTICSâ„¢ SBO Prebiotic/Probiotic Consortiaâ„¢

In September of 2010, Body Biotics Int’l., Corp., then under the company name Life Science Products, submitted a Structure/Function Claims Notification Letter, for Body Biotics™ SBO Prebiotic/Probiotic Consortia™ formula, to the FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition.  This was met with no opposition.  We submitted a more than 700 page submission which included a Consumer Summary and Executive Summary. It was backed by published peer reviewed scientific literature collected from studies conducted around the world. Research on soil based organisms such as Probiotic supplements,  indicated the critical advantage for people of all ages to consume these friendly bacteria on a daily basis. From pre-pregnancy to newborns, to children to adults and to the elderly, daily consumption of these superior cultures of Probiotics are a natural cornerstone to good health.

In preparing these documents, consultants revealed twenty two Explicit and Implicit Claims for Soil Based Organisms in the form of a Probiotic Consortiaâ„¢. The list of Explicit and Implicit Claims for Soil Based Organism (SBOs) Consortiaâ„¢ are:

-SBOs improve gastrointestinal health

-SBOs prevent harmful bacteria and fungi from colonizing the gut

-SBOs support gut regeneration and balance gut microbiology

-SBOs balance colonic pH and set the stage for restoring immune health

-SBOs increase resistance to harmful bacteria and fungi

-SBOs increase intestinal absorption of nutrients

-SBOs in the diet replenish friendly colonic microflora

-SBOs improve overall health and well being

-SBOs enhance gut metabolism and promote normal bowel function

-SBOs help overcome bloating and gas

-SBOs improve immune function

-SBOs normalize bowel function

-SBOs improve the barrier function of the gastrointestinal tract

-Daily ingestion of SBOs promotes regular, comfortable bowel movements

-SBOs enhance the cleansing function of the gut

-SBOs provide safe alternative microbial stimulation for infants

-SBOs are a source of probiotics for children

-SBOs help to mature the immune system in young children

-SBOs help to promote normal weight in children

-SBOs help to promote normal immune function in children and adults

-SBOs produce Lactoferrin, an important line of defense

-SBOs inhibit overactive immune systems in adults and children

After more than 30 years in the marketplace, science and research is confirming much of what we have believed regarding superior cultures of Soil Based Organisms as a dietary food source. As the original pioneers of the direct to consumer Probiotics supplements industry, we have spurred the competition to  push more and more at getting to this truth. BODY BIOTICS Int’l., Corp. is proud to lead the way.

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Executive Summary

Consumer Summary

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