Mar 22 2020

Countless new Possibilities during Quarantine

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Open the door to a million new possibilities.
During a time of quarantine, we just might discover what is outside the door again.

What? Excuse me? I must have heard wrong. We have to quarantine? That can’t be! I woke up thinking I was having a bad dream, but no… the news was still there and it is pretty hard to swallow. So now what?

Protect your immune system. Check. Go to the grocery store. Check. Buy toilet paper. Check. (Triple check for some of you!) Clean out closets. Check. Clean out your closets again. Check. And it’s only been a week.

So all that’s left is to make the best of it and open the door to amazing possibilities. (But please practice social distancing while doing this!)

Go play outside! “Go get the stink blown off of you” as my grandmother used to say. Enjoy some fresh air, and feel the sunshine on your back. It will do wonders for your mood and your spirits. And the greatest part of being outside? The news isn’t on, so you can tune it out for a while and just be. Existing in a constant state of stress is not good and the news is pretty stressful. So make this separation from the barrage of bad news and forget about your troubles for a while. You’re staying isolated anyway; do you really need to watch the news constantly? 1*

There are other health benefits to going outside:


Take a walk, hike, garden. All these things keep the body moving and we know how good exercise is for the body. It boosts the immune system. It elevates our serotonin, the mood hormone. It oxygenates the blood. Just about every health condition benefits from exercising.1*

Breathe in phytoncides

These chemicals produced by plants and released into the air increase our white blood cell levels and help us fight off disease and infection. 1*

It’s good for the eyes

Spending time in natural sunlight is essential for the proper development of the eyes. Studies show myopia, or nearsightedness has been on the rise in children around the world. It is caused by a slightly elongated eyeball, “…in which the lens focuses light from far objects slightly in front of the retina, rather than directly on it…” Not having enough exposure to natural sunlight appears to be the contributing factor.  “…The leading hypothesis is that light stimulates the release of dopamine in the retina, and this neurotransmitter in turn blocks the elongation of the eye during development…” 2*

Expose yourself to soil-born organisms

Do a little gardening and get your hands dirty. Exposing ourselves to the naturally occurring soil-born organisms found in rich organic soil is good for us. After all, Body Biotics Bio-Identical SBO Probiotics Consortia was created to help make up for our lack of exposure to these organisms. Playing in the dirt and making mud pies is good for you and it can be a whole lot of fun!*

Experience natural sources of aromatherapy

Aromatherapy treatments come from natural resources that are found outside! Stop to smell the lavender, rose, fresh-cut grass and pine and all the beautiful scents found outside.*

Listen to the sounds

White noise is modeled after the sound of the wind through the trees, oceans, babbling brooks and falling rain. Instead of staying inside and replicating those sounds, listen to the real thing. Set up a hammock, walk in the woods, have a picnic on a hill…the beautiful sounds are everywhere.*

Enhance your creativity 

Instead of looking to a screen to tell you what to think, get your creativity from being outside in nature where your imagination can run wild. Our creative juices get stifled when we are fed information…so go outside and create, create, create! 1*

Get your daily dose of Vitamin D

More than 90 percent of our vitamin D comes from casual exposure to sunlight, and even 15 minutes spent outside can give that to you. We need Vitamin D for our bodies to properly function. It helps us absorb calcium, which helps prevents osteoporosis, and reduces inflammation, among other things. Vitamin D is present in some foods, such as fortified milk and salmon but a little sunshine on our shoulders is the best fix.1*

Reconnect to something larger than yourself

Being outside in nature can remind us what is important and reconnect with a higher being. Regardless of your beliefs, it’s easy to get philosophical while in the great outdoors and ponder great questions…stretch yourself and be grateful for the awesomeness and the beauty of your surroundings.*

Lastly, keep this in mind: while being quarantined from the Black Plague, Shakespeare composed King Lear, Antony, and Cleopatra and Macbeth. And the young mathematician Isaac Newton produced some of his best work while under quarantine. He wrote the papers that would become early calculus and created his theories on optics while fiddling with prisms in his bedroom. The theory of gravity was born during this time as well. So, you never know what we will create and develop as we have more time on our hands.3*

 **Please note that if you are not in a situation where going outside can be done safely in terms of social distancing, and breaks you from the required protocol to self-quarantine, please follow the guidelines put in place to keep yourself and others safe!

 Stay positive and healthiest wishes to all of you!





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