Aug 28 2016

Different Microbes Indoors Outdoors by Neighborhood or City

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Which microbes live in your home, office and neighborhood?
Scientists find microbes can vary depending on the city where we live.1*  


So many people in our country spend a great deal of time indoors. We spend time in our homes, in our cars, offices, grocery stores, malls, movie theaters and various other indoor destinations. In fact, on average, we spend 90% of our time inside some sort of man made building or environment. But guess what? We are not living alone…we are sharing these environments with millions and millions of microbes that we don’t even know are there.1*

Researchers understand this and one team in particular wanted to find out how these “microbial roommates” might play a part in influencing the health of the people who live there. What they found out was that buildings and rooms have their own unique population of microbes, and depending on the city they are located in, these microbes have their own unique characteristics to boot.1*

In a recent study which was published in the journal mSystems,researchers examined the microbial populations inside nine different offices across three different cities and what might influence these populations. Scientist Gregory Caporaso, Assistant Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences who studies microbiomes at Northern Arizona University, along with his team, collected microbial samples from office buildings in various areas known for their different climates. These cities included San Diego, Flagstaff, Arizona and Toronto. (1,2)*


They then took these collection plates and covered them with varied materials such as drywall, ceiling tile and carpet, which were then installed on the walls, ceilings and floors of offices. They followed up by collecting samples in four, six week periods over a year. The results from all nine offices showed human skin bacteria “accounted for 25-30 percent of the office microbial communities, but the largest numbers looked like microbes that also live outdoors…” 1*


They also discovered that each city had a unique microbial signature. Plates from offices in the same city were more closely related to each other than the plates from other cities. Researchers suspect that bacteria travel inside buildings via shoes and through air ventilation systems. The material did not seem to affect the microbial communities, so much as the location in the room.1*

 “…It’s intriguing to think that our homes, offices, hospitals, and cars are not just inanimate places where we conduct our business; they’re also complex ecosystems. Our indoor environments appear to be affected by changes in the outdoors, as well as by the people who come through it. Those people bring with them their own microbes which affect, and are affected by, the microbes in the built environment…”1*


The hopes of these researchers are to eventually use this information and these microbial connections to help with designing and constructing buildings “…with healthier microbiomes that are in balance with the surrounding environment…” and create healthier environments where we spend so much of our time. 1*

This study is one more example of how vast the world of microbes is and how they can affect our health and well being. The exterior environment influences our internal microbial community. As the good microbes have been affected negatively by antibiotics, hand sanitizer’s, pesticides…the list goes on, it is important to continue supplementing our gut with good bacteria that are specifically known to keep us healthy and our immune systems strong. Daily intake of BODY BIOTICSâ„¢ BIO-IDENTICAL SBO PROBITOICS CONSORTIAâ„¢ is vital to maintaining the healthy balance of bacteria in your microbiome, which as this study suggests, can positively influence the environment around you.1*

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