Sep 04 2016

Do we really need all these prescriptions?

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Prescription drug use on the rise.
Do we really need to take so many prescription drugs or are we victims of big business advertising?


As I was drinking my morning coffee and watching the morning news, aside from being bombarded by jibber jabber of the upcoming election, I couldn’t help but take notice of the myriad prescription drug commercials. Commercials for drugs that treat high cholesterol, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure, depression, to name a few, are advertised during the busiest air traffic times.  “…Drug makers in 2014 spent $4.5 billion marketing prescription drugs, up from $3.5 billion in 2012. That’s also up from the $2.5 billion drug makers spent in 2000, or $3.39 billion in 2015 dollars when adjusted for inflation…” So why all the advertising? . According to a CDC report, increased drug marketing to doctors and directly to consumers, has had a direct influence on increased prescription drug use in our country. ” (1,2)*

According to a study done by the CDC, “…Nearly 3 in 5 American adults take a prescription drug, up markedly since 2000 because of much higher use of almost every type of medication, including antidepressants and treatments for high cholesterol and diabetes.”  But the CDC also noted, “…that although the greater role of prescription drugs in U.S. health care had led to better treatment of heart disease, diabetes and other conditions, it also had contributed to serious problems such as the overprescribing of antibiotics and the ongoing overuse and abuse of prescription painkillers…” (The study did note that the use of antibiotics has decreased, which is good news.) The overprescribing of pain killers has led to a growing problem of opioid addiction in our country. According to the Health and Human Services, “…The United States is in the midst of a prescription opioid overdose epidemic. In 2014, more than 28,000 people died from opioid overdose, and at least half of those deaths involved a prescription opioid…” (2,3,4)*

As we continue to over-medicate in our nation, we are masking many problems that could be addressed with better diet, exercise and improved gut health. It’s a vicious cycle that often begins with bad choices. Granted some prescriptions are absolutely necessary and can save people’s lives. Many of our ailments develop due to genetics, old age, and other conditions that life’s circumstances bring on. But there are many that could be avoided if we would just take better care of our microbiome.*

If you grow up eating fast food hamburgers and French fries, and you don’t exercise, chances are you are setting yourself up for health problems later in life. Overuse of antibiotics wipes out the good bacteria along with the bad, and if we don’t replenish it with probiotics, we leave ourselves susceptible to many ailments of which a weak immune system can’t combat. If you are overweight and don’t move, you are more susceptible to joint problems, cardiovascular conditions, diabetes, and other metabolic conditions. “…Researchers noted that eight of the 10 most commonly used drugs in the United States are for hypertension, heart failure, diabetes and other elements of the “cardio metabolic syndrome.” 2*

Don’t fall victim to taking drugs to mask problems that could be avoided by addressing your gut first. Eat good foods, keep moving and make sure you are on a good regimen of BODY BIOTICS™ BIO-IDENTICAL SBO PROBIOTICS CONSORTIA™. Once on BODY BIOTICS™ for a period of time, many people find they can actually reduce their prescription intake as when the gut is truly healthy, we metabolize everything better, including medications and their efficacy improves.*

Know the difference between drugs you need and drugs that are just being pushed on you by big pharmaceuticals. Only take those that are truly necessary and above all else, address your gut which is at the core of your health.

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