Apr 19 2015

Doctors are Prescribing Probiotics over Antibiotics

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Doctors Opting to Prescribe Probiotics over Antibiotics as First Line of Defense…
According to the CDC, more than half of the antibiotics prescribed are inappropriately issued for the wrong thing.  Now, savvy doctors are taking actions to avert the dangers that overuse and abuse of antibiotics has on our gut health and overall wellbeing.


Last week we talked about the shift taking place by the world’s meat suppliers towards using Probiotics instead of antibiotics in meat production.  This is important news because more than half of the antibiotics, used as prophylactics and growth promoters in raising chickens, are the same antibiotics that doctors use to treat human illness. Public demand for transparency and the world community’s realization, that the overuse of antibiotics over the past fifty years has put the public’s health and welfare at risk, is causing health officials to reexamine their use of antibiotics in humans and animals, alike.

Animals are not the only living creatures consuming too many antibiotics — humans are too!  The overuse of antibiotics not only depletes the friendly bacteria of the individual, but has lead to the development of super resistant bacteria and a dangerous public health epidemic. “…While poverty and counterfeit drugs contribute to bacteria resistant illnesses in Third World countries, physicians over prescribing antibiotics, lack of education among patients, and livestock feeding practices account for the majority of bacteria resistance in the U.S…”  (1)  *

Approximately one million prescriptions are written each year by American physicians. According to the CDC, half of them are inappropriately prescribed for common viruses (note: antibiotics provide no defense against viruses), not bacterial infections, for which they are intended. (1)  Additionally, patients have a tendency to stop taking antibiotics as soon as they feel better.  Not taking the full course of prescribed antibiotics, allows the bacteria that should be killed off to continue to grow and mutate into a resistant strain.

“…58% of patients were not aware of the possible health risks associated with the misuse of antibiotics…” 1

Of course, antibiotics are life-saving drugs. Prior to their development, the likelihood of dying prematurely from an infectious disease was as high as 40%.  Since 1939, when penicillin was first isolated then followed five years later by streptomycin, medicine has evolved. This evolution produced medium and broad spectrum antibiotics which, instead of only killing the offending bacteria, kill ALL bacteria — good and bad. These broad spectrum antibiotics, which include types of tetracycline, ciprofloxacin, bacitracin, erythromycin, penicillin, cephalosporin, and streptomycin, radically change the bacterial population in the intestines, thus putting the body at risk for superinfection by fungi and other disease-causing organisms. (1)  *

This vicious cycle of taking antibiotics, which break down the immune system as they kill-off the good bacteria along with bad, sets the body up to succumb to a superbug (a mutated, antibiotic resistant unfriendly bacteria); which now requires more antibiotics that create more superbugs and on, and on it goes.  In this “post-antibiotics era” bacteria resistant illnesses significantly outpace the development of new antibiotics to treat them. The length of time it takes to develop a new antibiotic is ten years or more. By the time the new antibiotics are developed, they may no longer be effective against the bacteria resistant illnesses they were created to treat. “Just a few years after penicillin was put on the market, scientists began noticing a penicillin-resistant strain of Staphylococcus aureus – bacteria normally found in the body’s intestinal flora. Twenty five years later, resistant strains of gonorrhea, shigella, and salmonella appeared…” (1)  *

“…Since then, bacteria-resistant illnesses have become a worldwide public health concern. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), two million patients a year pick up infections in US hospitals — about 90,000 die as a result. Of these deaths, approximately 70% are caused by bacteria that are resistant to at least one antibiotic. ..”  (1)  *

Think PROBIOTICS not antibiotics…

As we have promoted for years at Body Biotics International, supplying your microbiome with friendly soil bacteria is essential. These life-sustaining organisms keep your gut healthy which is vital to maintaining a strong immune system. If you have ever taken a broad spectrum antibiotic, it is especially important to replenish your microbiome with the friendly bacteria that were depleted during your antibiotic treatment. “…Using high dose Probiotics to repopulate the intestinal flora with healthy bacteria can have some powerful health benefits, especially for those who have had medium or broad spectrum antibiotic therapy in the past…” (1)  *

 “…There are perhaps three areas in which Probiotics may act as adjuncts to antibiotics. Probiotics may:

  • Reduce the risk of antibiotic-induced superinfections in the gut and the vagina; (2) *
  • Secrete antibacterial substances that lower pathogenic bacterial populations locally and at distant mucosal sites, and disrupt biofilms, making it easier for antibiotics to function; and (2) *
  • Enhance generalized mucosal immunity, which in turn aids in the eradication of the organisms at the mucosal site….” (2) *

Additionally, by repopulating the gut with healthy bacteria, it can often stave off chronic conditions such as allergies, candidiasis, diarrhea, eczema (and other skin conditions) and multiple digestive disorders. By keeping these conditions in check, we can often avoid them developing into more serious infections. (1)  *

Take good care of your health through exercise, sleep and eating organic foods whenever possible while supplementing with Body Biotics™ “Bio-Identical” SBO Probitoics Consortia™ daily.  Ask your physician to reserve antibiotic use only for those infections that absolutely demand them.  Restore and maintain your gut health with the daily use of an effective Probiotic, to ensure a fully functioning immune system strong enough to support the body’s natural healing abilities, instead of going for the quick fix with antibiotics. And remember, if you do have an infection which requires antibiotics, finish your prescription to avoid developing resistant strains of unfriendly bacteria.  Take your Probiotics before, during and after antibiotics to protect and restore the gut as quickly as possible.

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