Aug 10 2014

Earthly Beginnings for a Healthier Pregnancy

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What every woman should know about SBO Probiotics and Pregnancy!

New information is being published every day about how important Probiotic supplements are for maintaining a healthy gut flora for people of all ages.  Why is “a healthy gut flora” so important?  The answer is simple…because 80% of your immune functions begin in the gut.  And, since newborns get their initial gut floral from their mother, this is especially true for women who are considering getting pregnant. In order to give your newborn a healthier start in life, beginning a “Pre-Pregnancy” Probiotics regiment BEFORE getting pregnant is essential.

We’ve all heard about the early health problems of babies born to drug addicts, smokers, and mother’s who drink excessive amounts of alcohol. But little is said about the toxins that we unintentionally ingest or inhale every single day. From the water we drink, to the air we breathe, to the foods we, knowingly or unknowingly, consume; toxic chemicals are a fact of life. These toxic chemicals upset our environment as well as our intestinal tract, and can lead to babies being born with a compromised immune system, often leading to increased allergies, digestive issues, and more.  No matter how hard one tries to resolve these issues with organic foods, purified waters, or air filters, it is impossible because we do not live in a sterilized bubble.

Cleaning up the toxins in your body BEFORE getting pregnant is a smart beginning for a happy ending.  Newborns get their first microbial inoculation at the time of delivery as they pass through the mother’s birth canal. These inoculated bacteria reflect the microbiota (gut flora) of the mother’s gastrointestinal tract and vagina. This transfer is further reinforced during breastfeeding by the bacteria that exists in the breast milk and on the skin of the breast. Studies strongly suggest that initial exposure to the mother’s bacteria may greatly contribute to early colonization of the child’s gut.1 This research substantiates the importance for a mother to consider daily Probiotics supplementation as a part of her pre-pregnancy plan to prepare her body for the healthiest pregnancy and delivery possible.

Why must you start an effect Probiotics regiment BEFORE getting pregnant? Starting a truly effect SBO (soil based organism) Probiotics Consortia is important because not only does a true Probiotic increase the number of friendly bacteria in the gut, it also has the ability to naturally detoxify heavy metals, environmental toxins, fungus, viruses, and unfriendly bacteria from the gut and restore it to a healthier natural balance. This kind of detoxification can be hard on the body and could do harm to an unborn baby as you are go through this clean-up process.

To prepare your body for the healthiest pregnancy possible, begin your SBO Probiotics regiment at least four to six months prior to getting pregnant. This allows time to move through the potentially dangerous detoxification process and then continue with your Probiotics throughout the entire pregnancy, during the time you are breastfeeding, and beyond. By taking an effective Probiotic, such as Body Biotics, you will help strengthen the immune system and restore a healthy micro-flora balance necessary to give your baby a healthy start.2


Additionally, we suggest adding Body Genesis™ Liquid Minerals™, Body Biotics™ Liquid B (6-9-12 Complex with Folic Acid) and Life’s Green Essentials™ Daily Multiple to maximize your results, restore optimal health, and to support your body before and during pregnancy.  Maintaining an ideal weight, exercising, and following a proper diet are also essential. Body Biotics™ offers you a “once in a lifetime” opportunity to give your babies a healthy beginning. Their long term health depends on the choices we make before, during and after pregnancy. Choose wisely!

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NOTE:  This information is directed towards women who are not yet pregnant. If you are already pregnant, now is not the time to add an effective Probiotics Consortia to your diet. If you find one that claims it is safe to begin during pregnancy, it is most likely a freeze-dried blend of friendly bacteria that have not been cultured together and, therefore, do not offer the same detoxification benefits as those provided for by a true SBO Probiotics Consortia, like Body Biotics™.


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