Dec 15 2013

SBO’s – Earth’s Tiny Messenger Angels

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SBO (soil based organisms) Probiotics Consortia


In our June, 2010, FDA Structure/Function Executive Summary,
Professor Lee B. Dexter explains why Body Bioticsâ„¢ SBO Probiotic Consortia offers
more than the typical blend of “freeze-dried” isolated Probiotics.  Professor Dexter,
renown Probiotics expert acclaimed for describing and submitting more than 600
Probiotics species to the USDA world banks over the course of her careers,  writes …

”Probiotics bacteria influence the metabolism and well-being of the gut and of the
whole body through a variety of mechanisms, which scientists are finding to be more
complex than they originally thought. The human colon contains more than 500
different bacterial species, and there are about ten times more bacteria in the gut,
than there are cells in the human body [Bengmark, 1998].
These bacteria communicate with the body and the immune system through
the epithelial cells of the gut wall using a very complicated system of
messenger chemicals
[Heyman, et al., 2002 and Husebye et al., 2001]….
” *

“Probiotic organisms are reported to have four known mechanisms of action.

  1. Through fermentation, they secrete helpful compounds that nourish other
    cells (such as those in the colon or liver), alter the colonic
    environment, or serve as signals to communicate with the immune
    These compounds may include vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes,
    bioactive peptides, organic acids, and polysaccharides [Bravo, 1998, Tieking,
    et al., 2003, Zvauya, et al., 1997, Seppo, et al., 2003, Calderon, et al., 2003,
    Mensah, et al., 1995, and Olsen, et al., 1995].*

  1. They inhibit the growth of organisms that are harmful to humans by either
    secreting antimicrobial substances, or by blocking the ability of the harmful
    organisms to adhere to or puncture the gut wall [Rolfe, 2002]; *
  2. They prevent the build-up of waste materials and toxic compounds in the colon
    by either blocking their formation or by breaking toxins and waste materials
    down into harmless molecules that can be easily eliminated [Rolfe, 2002]. *
  3. They exhibit strong antioxidant activities, which include the ability to scavenge
    reactive oxygen species, chelate metal ions, such as iron and copper, inhibit the
    formation of the enzymes that create reactive oxygen species, and reduce
    oxidants [Lin, et al., 1999]….”  *

This information makes it quite clear that Probiotics are much more than CFUs
(colony forming units) and can offer even greater health benefits when they “mimic”
more closely these natural “mechanisms of action.” Body Biotics is formulated
through the most natural process in existing, to date. We utilize stable “naturally-
occurring” symbiotic groups of bacteria, called Consortia, to create our eight (8) strain
Probiotics with Prebiotics.  This “Alive and thriving” Probiotics Consortia, has
been naturally dehydrated (not freeze-dried which causes what researchers
call “freeze-fracturing”)
and encapsulated in its own food source; and goes far
beyond typical Probiotics. Our Consortia of super-species “by their very nature” can
withstand the harsh gut environment while working in a symbiotic relationship to
communicate vital information to the body and immune system through the epithelial
cells of the gut wall using this system of messenger chemicals, as reported above.
To our knowledge, Body Bioticsâ„¢ is the only such product in the marketplace, today.


Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed sharing it.

Be well.

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