Sep 28 2014

Five things that can compromise your gut health

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Steer clear…

Five things that can compromise your gut health


As we know, the health and condition of the gut can affect all parts of the body. Maintaining good gut health goes beyond just good digestion. Should the lining of the intestinal walls become damaged, it can cause “…systemic inflammation and trigger an autoimmune response…”1 in other parts of the body.


The website had a recent article called Five Common Culprits that are Damaging to your Gut Health. Avoiding or minimizing these five things can mean a healthier gut and long term healthier life and well being. Perhaps you are already aware that you should avoid some of these, but some may be new to you. Regardless, it is a good reminder to avoid them or keep them to a minimum.


(taken from – Dr. Will Cole)


“…1.Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)


NSAIDs such as aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen relieve pain and inflammation by blocking an enzyme called cyclo-oxygenase. The problem is that this enzyme also performs important functions, such as protecting the stomach from the corrosive effects of its own acid, which strengthens the activity of the immune system. Because of this, they can cause intestinal inflammation, damaging the lining of the intestine and causing intestinal permeability. This process can turn on an autoimmune response in the body. Among people who chronically use NSAIDs, research estimates that 65% will develop intestinal inflammation and up to 30% will develop ulcers.


  1.  Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)


Frequent use of antibiotics can decrease your beneficial, protective gut bacteria. With your body’s natural defenses down, antibiotics are more prone to damaging to your gut’s lining. What’s worse is that without some healthy intervention, your body’s unique diversity of trillions of beneficial bacteria won’t automatically be recovered after it’s lost.


  1. Stress


It is no secret that stress is deleterious to our health. Chronic stress will weaken your immune system’s response to infection. Your brain and intestines are mediated by many of the same hormones (which is why your gut is referred to as your second brain). This connection is referred to as the gut-brain axis.


  1. Alcohol


Overuse of alcohol has a negative impact on just about every system in your body. As far as your intestines go, alcohol can irritate the stomach and intestines and suppress the hormones which protect against the inflammation that contributes to leaky gut syndrome.


  1. Grains


The negative impact of gluten is well documented now, but in a few years research will find a similar, possibly even worse, negative impact from other gluten-free grains. With their abundance of amylose sugars that cause inflammation, anti-nutrients such as lectins and phytates that bind to the intestines and make nutrients inactive in the body, grains can cause a wide array of damage to your gut and your health.”1


By avoiding these five culprits, and eating a healthful diet of organic fruits and vegetables and continuing with a quality probiotic such as Body Bioticsâ„¢, you are positioned to maintain not only a healthy gut but a healthy immune system and body. Take time for yourself each day to plan your menus for a healthier diet. Plan your day and think ahead so that you can ward off unnecessary stress. Take care of yourself today for a healthy tomorrow.


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