Dec 29 2019

Good News for the New Decade

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Good News for the New Decade
New discovery targets antibiotic-resistant ‘superbugs’ using molecular drills.1*

 Well, it is finally here. At the end of the year. And more than that, the end of the decade! Goodbye to the 20teens and on to the 2020s. The last decade has brought us a lot of technological advances, research studies, and knowledge that has helped us to live healthier lives. As a whole, we are shifting our perspective regarding health and wellness away from reacting to illness and disease to preventing it through good nutrition, exercise, and a healthy gut. *

We understand that whole food diets are good, carbohydrates are fine in the form of whole grains, and fiber is the key to keeping the healthy bacteria in our guts fed. Processed foods are out, sugar is out and organic is in! Plant-based diets have replaced vegetarian diets which gives us the platform for springing into a much healthier way of eating that prevents disease in the long run. Speaking of running, we know we need to exercise for our long term health*

 In the last decade, probiotics have garnered a lot of attention. What we have known at Body Biotics™ for several decades, the rest of the country and world has learned a lot more about. Gut health has finally become a household phrase and has taken center stage with many health care practitioners as they realize the importance of keeping the core of our health — our second brain — healthy in order to keep our immune systems strong and our overall health good for the long run.*

We are tapping into more and more ways to improve our health and discovering more ways to help those who get sick.  One of those ways comes in the form of some exciting news on the antibiotic-resistant superbug front. Through many blogs, we’ve covered the danger of superbugs, the consequences of overusing antibiotics, and the threat they pose for the future.  According to Chemist James Tour with Rice University,”…”These superbugs could kill 10 million people a year by 2050, way overtaking cancer. These are nightmare bacteria; they don’t respond to anything.”…”1*

James Tour, along with Robert Pal, a Royal Society University Research Fellow at Durham and co-author of the new paper which was published in the American Chemical Society journal ACS Nano, have demonstrated that motorized molecules “…are effective at killing antibiotic-resistant microbes within minutes…” Working alongside a team of other researchers at Rice University, Texas A&M University, Biola University and Durham (U.K.) University, they discovered that these light-activated molecules “…target and drill through highly antibiotic-resistant bacteria and kill them within minutes. The molecules can open bacteria to attack by drugs they previously resisted. The strategy could be applied to bacterial infections or diseases on the skin, in the lungs or in the gastrointestinal tract…”1*

Tests by the Texas A&M lab of lead scientist Jeffrey Cirillo and former Rice researcher Richard Gunasekera, now at Biola, effectively killed Klebsiella pneumoniae within minutes. “…While bacteria can evolve to resist antibiotics by locking the antibiotics out, the bacteria have no defense against molecular drills. Antibiotics able to get through openings made by the drills are once again lethal to the bacteria…” Microscopic images of targeted bacteria showed where motors had drilled through cell walls.”… “Bacteria don’t just have a lipid bilayer,” Tour said. “They have two bilayers and proteins with sugars that interlink them, so things don’t normally get through these very robust cell walls. That’s why these bacteria are so hard to kill. But they have no way to defend against a machine like these molecular drills since this is a mechanical action and not a chemical effect.”…”1*

These machines initially may see the most impact on treating infections on the skin, wounds, from implants or in the intestines, caused by bacteria such as staphylococcus aureus MRSA, klebsiella or pseudomonas. Essentially, it will work, wherever a light source can be introduced. Another option is to have blood flow through a light containing an external box and then back into the body for targeting blood-borne bacteria. 1*

“…”We are very much interested in treating wound and implant infections initially,” according to one researcher, “But we have ways to deliver these wavelengths of light to lung infections that cause numerous mortalities from pneumonia, cystic fibrosis and tuberculosis, so we will also be developing respiratory infection treatments.”…”. It may also be able to target bladder-borne bacteria that cause urinary tract infections…”1*

A second paper was published by the Tour lab this week in ACS Applied Materials Interfaces regarding advances in microscopic nanomachines and their ability to target disease. In the second paper, researchers at Rice and the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center “…targeted and attacked lab samples of pancreatic cancer cells with machines that respond to visible rather than the previously used ultraviolet light. “This is another big advance since visible light will not cause as much damage to the surrounding cells,” Tour said…”1*

New discoveries lead to new problems. New problems require new discoveries. Antibiotics were a miracle cure, yet no one realized the long term effects of overuse. With the dedication, intelligence and collaboration of incredible researchers as the ones working together to discover the molecular drill, we will continue to have much promise for the future. Make 2020 your year of prevention. Keep your gut healthy by staying on your regimen of taking Body Biotics™ Bio-Identical SBO Probiotics Consortia™ daily. Take good care of yourself and may you enjoy all things good! Let’s make this next decade the healthiest yet!


Happy New Year from all of us at Body Biotics™!




  1. Rice University. “Deadly ‘superbugs’ destroyed by molecular drills.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 12 December 2019.



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