May 15 2016

Greatest Gift from your Mother – Your Microbiome

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You can thank your mother for your healthy microbiome.
Building a healthy microbiome before and during pregnancy is the first step towards ensuring a healthy baby. *

Mothers give everything. …from their hearts and souls to constant physical attentiveness and energy. They lose sleep when babies are newborns and again when they are teenagers. Children are a part of their mothers forever and mothers are a part of them. It is the most special bond on the planet and the most difficult, challenging and rewarding job in the world.

One of the most important things mothers can give their children begins even before pregnancy. And that is building a healthy microbiome that will be passed on to their newborns and follow them their whole life. As babies grow in their mother’s womb, they share the mother’s gut flora, and the healthier it is, the better their chances are for a healthy future and strong immune system. (1,2)*

I encourage women who are considering pregnancy to start on BODY BIOTICS™ at least six months prior to pregnancy. Due to the natural detox period that takes place, you should not start on the product while you are pregnant or nursing. Starting on a solid regiment of BODY BIOTICS™ will build a strong microbiome from which your baby will benefit. I like to call this “clean up and restoring” your gut. It supports the body by detoxifying a variety of unfriendly micro-organisms, fungus, parasites, toxins, and heavy metals from your system. It also helps strengthen the immune system, and restore a healthy micro-flora balance necessary to give your baby a healthy start. “…Early preparation, in balancing your gut flora and ridding the body of harmful bacteria, parasites, fungus, and deadly toxins; gives your baby his/her first line of defense–a healthy beginning to a strong immune system….”2*

During pregnancy, expecting mothers should maintain a diet rich in organic fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water (preferably filtered), and get plenty of exercise and sleep. Avoid alcohol, coffee, carbonated beverages and antibiotics. Additionally, she should take a good pre-natal vitamin and maintain a regiment of BODY BIOTICSâ„¢ to ensure the microbiome of both mom and baby stay in a healthy balance. You are only pregnant for nine months, so now is the time to exercise your healthiest habits. (1,2)*

The next important step at which a baby benefits from the mother’s healthy levels of microflora is during delivery. During a vaginal delivery, babies are bathed in the beneficial microbiome of their mother as they pass through the birth canal. During a C-section, babies miss this important opportunity to boost their friendly bacteria, which sets them up for a strong immune system for life..”… Infants receive their first microbial inoculation at the time of delivery. These inoculated bacteria reflect the microbiota (gut flora) of the mother’s vagina and gastrointestinal tract…” Doctors have recently been testing out exposing C-section babies to their mother’s vaginal fluids shortly after birth to see if this will level the playing field between C-Section and vaginal birth babies. (We’ll discuss this more next week). (1,2,3)*

Once the baby is delivered, nothing can replace the microbial rich breast milk that only the mother can provide.  The transfer of friendly bacteria comes from both the breast milk and the breast skin. . “…Breastmilk naturally contains prebiotics that help beneficial bacteria to grow..”.(1,2)*
Mothers get only one opportunity to set her baby up for a healthy start and future. Their “life’s health blueprint” depends on the choices mothers make during the entire pregnancy and birthing process.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you Mothers out there, and on this special day, tip your hat off to your own mother and the beautiful life she gave you.

Healthiest wishes,





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