Jan 07 2014

Happy Healthy New Year to Everyone

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Final 2013 Monthly Drawing Winner was Andrew H. Pastula

Greetings and  Best Wishes for a Happy Healthy New Year from Body Biotics.

With 2013 in the rear view mirror we can now look back at where all we could’ve
done better with our diet, our physical fitness and our nutritional choices.

Do we eat right?  Well balanced?  60% green as they  say?  Do we workout?  If so
how often and do we really put out heart into it and build up a good sweat?  Is it
a regular routine or just something we play at to be able to say we did.  I think we
are all guilty of that last one….to some extent.  I know I was on occasion.  No more.

And last but not least, are we serious about the nutrition we take?  Are we somewhat
well read and do we really know anything about what we buying?  From TV ads?  Or
is it something we actually know something about, maybe from a close friend or
after doing some reading on an authority website.

That said I invite you to browse through some of the articles on our website where
you will get the very best straightforward talk for Kelli herself.  She is one of the most
informed, if not the most informed and educated people I know on the subject of
probiotics.  You may be surprised to find out just how much hype there is in numbers.

I’ll leave it at that and let you read between the lines.  Don’t believe everything you read
from companies out pushing new brands and the latest twists.  It takes years to develop
a good product.  Body Biotics  has stood the test of time.  Over 35 years.


To the best and healthiest year ever my friends,


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