Aug 25 2013

Healthy Gut Bacteria linked to Autisim

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New Study Published by online Journal PLoS One tying bacterial Imbalance
to Autism in Children

PLoS One, has specifically identified imbalanced and deficient gut flora  as a major
symptom, and potentially even a primary cause, of autism in many of  the children
diagnosed with the condition. The study involved 20 neurotypical and 20 autistic
children with both autistic severity and GI symptoms.

Caregivers and parents have known of this connection for a long time, waiting for
the scientific community to catch up.  It appears this study does just that… this was
taken from Natural News

“Upon review of the obtained data, the team determined that children in the
autistic group generally had a lower diversity of gut microbiomes compared to
healthy children in the control group. The autistic children were also lacking
in three specific types of gut bacteria responsible for breaking down
carbohydrates and fermenting foods to make them digestible and their nutrients
assimilable. These two variances in microbial composition shed new light
on the physiological nature of what is otherwise a poorly understood  condition.”…

To read the full article, please go to >

To see the original study, please go to >

If I were a parent of an autistic child, I would be very happy knowing this has come
to light and being confirmed in the scientific community.

More to come, I’m sure,



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