Oct 15 2013

Hidden Causes to many Digestive Diseases

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Leaky gut may be the root cause of many digestive diseases 


The food we eat is broken down by Hydrochloric Acid and the enzymes in our Pancreas.
It’s supposedly broken down into its basic building blocks: the micronutrients and the

Usually, only broken down nutrients such as glucose and amino acids are let into the
blood. Unfortunately, there are some larger undigested proteins that pass their way
through the intestinal wall, into the bloodstream.  This is only the beginning of the
problem cycle. When the body’s defenses react to these “invaders” by releasing white
blood cells, this causes inflammation of the cell lining.  Inflammation causes these tightly
packed cells to swell and loosen, creating more space to open between these cells and
larger undigested proteins escape into the blood stream.  Some say, this is the cause
of MS.  Others don’t want to admit it’s just that  simple.  I tend to agree that it is.

The biggest problem with leaky gut is that it creates an endless cycle where proteins
cause inflammation and the inflammation allows for more proteins to release into the
blood stream causing even greater inflammation, progressively making the leaky gut
worse and worse.

This is the problem cycle I mentioned earlier.  Now it’s a full blown autoimmune issue.

According to an article I just finished reading..some say eating the right foods like organic
unpasteurized yogurt that contains live, active cultures can help correct this condition.

Some further reading on Leaky Gut Syndrome

I suppose it’s a good start but I would certainly question whether there were enough
active cultures in Yogurt, organic or not, to really help all that much, although I eat it
everyday.  Of course, most days I break open a capsule of Body Biotics to mix in with it.

I would say, first talk to your Doctor and ask for a test called C-reactive protein to
measure inflammation in your body.  It’s a good test to take for many reasons.

Hope you found this helpful,



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