Feb 07 2016

Homegrown Gardens full of Health Benefits

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Growing your own food is healthy in more ways than one.
With spring around the corner, consider growing your own organic garden to nourish your body, your soul and the soil.


Organic farming used to be a way of life back before industrialized machinery and the introduction of pesticides changed the way our food is grown. Small, family owned farms are no longer the norm, and have instead been replaced by large commercial farms and companies producing genetically modified crops. With an increased population comes a greater need for food production. As large plots of land continue to be planted with the same crop year after year, soil is lacking natural diversity of minerals and nutrients. Nutrients are being sacrificed as our soils are being depleted of the naturally rich organisms that are so healthy for our bodies. So why not grow your own organic garden? It takes some work, but the health benefits are as bountiful as the fruits and veggies you produce. With spring right around the corner, it’s a great time to consider the health benefits of growing your own healthy garden in your own healthy plot of soil.*

Let’s outline some of the reasons you should consider growing your own garden.

  1. Healthier soil means healthier foods. “…Many studies have shown that organically grown food has more minerals and nutrients that we need than food grown with synthetic pesticides…”1 Rich, organic soils are teeming with a diversity of bacteria that transfers to our vegetables, and to our guts when we eat them.*
  2. Organic foods taste better. A carrot pulled straight from your garden or a peach picked from your own tree is ripe and ready to eat. Farm to table restaurants are popular for that reason…the food they serve tastes better.*
  3. Get exercise, vitamin D and fresh air. As you till your garden and get your hands dirty in natural organic soils, you are exposing yourself to the natural bacteria that is beneficial to us, along with exercising your body and getting sunshine on your shoulders, a great source for Vitamin D. All of these things are so much healthier than sitting inside on the couch in front of the t.v. *
  4. Leave your money in your wallet. Growing your own garden can save you plenty in grocery bills. Why waste money on expensive vegetables and fruits that don’t even taste that good when you can grow your own food for just the cost of seeds (and soil if you want to bring it in.) And, they will taste great.*
  5. Avoid pesticides. When you grow your own food, you know what you are putting in your soil and on your plants. It is a cleaner way of eating for you and those you love, when you grow foods without harmful pesticides.*
  6. Soil erosion is a problem. More than 3 billion tons of topsoil are eroded from the croplands in the US every year, according to the Soil Conservation Service. In organic farming, soil is the foundation of the food chain. In Conventional farming, soil is more a foundation for propping up the plants vertically so they can be chemically fertilized. “…American farms are suffering from the worst soil erosion in history…” 1*
  7. Keep our water clean. “…The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that pesticides — some cancer causing — contaminate the groundwater in 38 states. Pesticides are polluting more than half the country’s population’s primary source of drinking water. When you grow your own organic garden, you are doing your part to not contaminate our water supply. 1*
  8. Save energy. Commercial farming uses a tremendous amount of energy to grow, produce, fertilize and transport fruits and vegetables. “…By some estimates,about a fifth of the nation’s energy supply is spent on producing food…” By growing your own garden, you are also doing your party to save on energy. 3*

As you can see, the reasons are plentiful for attempting your own organic garden. If you find it is difficult for you to do, perhaps you can convince a friend to start one and they will invite you to share in the harvest! At Body Bioticsâ„¢, we invite you to share in the harvest of our soil based organisms provided in every bottle of BODY BIOTICSâ„¢ BIO IDENTICAL SBO PROBIOTICS CONSORTIAâ„¢. The important beneficial bacteria that we are missing in our daily diets due to the changes in farming can be supplemented through these powerful probiotics that provide us with the friendly bacteria we need to keep our guts healthy and our bodies healthy.

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