Oct 19 2014

How To Best Avoid Eating GMO Foods

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The “how to” guide on eating without GMOs.   Another step to keeping your gut healthy…

When you start really paying attention to the foods at the grocery store and ingredients in processed foods on the market, you will discover that GMOs are everywhere and in almost everything. Ninety three percent of total U.S. soybean acreage is genetically engineered and and GE corn accounts for 90 percent of all U.S. corn acreage. Genetically engineered canola accounts for 90 percent of canola acreage. GE sugar beets which are used to make sugar, make up 90% of all sugar beet acreage.1 “…Because these crops are ubiquitous in our food supply, it is extremely difficult to avoid eating GMOs. Estimates are that up to 70 percent of processed foods contain GE ingredients…”1

So if you want to avoid GMOs, what in the world can we eat? Here is a simple guide for you to veer away from genetically modified foods and ingredients. Follow these simple steps and you can start on your path to a GMO free diet.

For starters, buy organic! Organic fruits and vegetables are grown without genetic engineering. Any product or produce that is organic cannot knowingly use GMO products or seeds. Many cities have plenty of organic grocers and farmers markets where your choices are plentiful. If a food is USDA certified organic, then it has been grown without the use of genetically engineered seeds. (look for next week’s blog where we dive into the meaning of organic and what it means for a food to qualify as organic.) The other thing you can do is look for the Non-GMO Project label. Anything that has the NON GMO Project seal on it has been verified by a third-party not to have any GMOs in it. Buy organic meat if you want to avoid ingesting GMOs via animals, as they are fed GMO corn and feed..

In addition, here are a few other tips for avoiding GMOs:

  • Avoid high-risk ingredients, such as corn, canola, sugar, (use pure cane) alfalfa (see last week’s blog for full listing).
  • Be wary of non-GMO claims that lack certification.
  • Avoid processed foods (ingredients in processed foods most likely are from the high risk group)
  • Watch out for restaurants (we don’t know where they are getting their food from)
  • Buy and plant your own organic seeds
  • Choose organic meat, as organic meat is not raised on GMO feed.
  • Most frozen fruits and vegetables are non-GMO unless from one of these five high-risk crops: corn, Hawaiian papaya, edamame (soybeans), zucchini and yellow summer squash. Choose organic or non-GMO verified for those five and watch out for other ingredients that might be from a risk crop.6
  • Eat dry Grains, Beans, Nuts and Seeds. As long as you avoid corn and soy, choosing dry beans, grains, nuts and seeds is a great way to go non-GMO.6


Look for the “USDA Certified Organic,” seal

Also look for anything that has the “NON GMO Project “seal on it. (It doesn’t mean there are not traces of GMOs in it due to cross-pollination, but the levels will be very low.)5

Wholefoods Market has a great list of ways to shop without buying GMOs. You can check that out on their website (reference 6).

For a full list of Non GMO verified products

Visit back next week when we discuss the ins and outs of eating and buying organic.

Until then, healthiest wishes,





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