Mar 08 2020

Important time to keep your immune system strong

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There’s never been a more important time to keep your immune system strong.*

A strong immune system sets you up for better health, well being and longevity. *

There has not been much good news lately. In fact it is downright bad. I’m sure you have seen enough to make you want to scream and hide, but unfortunately, putting our heads in the sand won’t make it disappear. Daily, there is new information and updates about new cases, new quarantines and sadly, fatalities. Of course I’m talking about the coronavirus. I really didn’t want to, but it is unavoidable. *

We are in new territory. The best thing is to stay on top of new developments, follow the CDC protocol for washing hands for 20 seconds, not touching your face and avoiding situations where you might get exposed. Officials are cancelling events and enforcing quarantines. All of this is being done in an effort to slow the spread. Buying time will give health officials more opportunity to get a handle on this new virus in some way they hope. At this point, it’s hard to know if there’s too much hype or too little hype but we do know one thing…a compromised immune system or a pre-existing health condition puts you at greater risk. (1,2)*

It’s difficult to offer helpful information in addition to what is being purported by the health officials dedicating their lives to understanding and finding a cure and vaccine for this virus. It is easy to go into panic mode during a situation like this, but doing so makes everyone more vulnerable. There are a lot of opportunists seeing an angle and trying to take advantage of the situation. Don’t be duped into buying any “magic cures”. Washington Post Reporter and Registered Dietician Cara Rosenbloom reported in response to the many ads and promotions hitting her in box regarding cures for the corona virus, “…There is absolutely no research any product can do such a thing, and these unscrupulous marketers are looking to cash in on a vulnerable population during a crisis. Anyone claiming their product can prevent or cure the coronavirus is lying, because they could not possibly have that information in any scientific way…”1*

Additionally, people are experiencing long lines at the grocery stores and empty shelves. Worldwide, hand sanitizer sales have increased by 800%. This “panic buying” is a phenomenon that occurs when people are faced with a crisis. It drives up prices and takes the essential goods out of the people’s hands who really need them, such as health care workers who need face masks to protect them while doing their jobs. On ecommerce sites, a 20-pack of face masks was costing more than $100. This panic buying has resulted in companies such as Amazon installing measures to stop speculators taking advantage of a spike in demand by removing over a million basic needs products for misleading claims and price gouging. Many stores have put a number limit on the sales of certain products such as hand sanitizer and toilet paper. When we as individuals overbuy, we cause problems for everyone else by driving prices up as supplies decrease. So be kind and be reasonable. 3*

While hand washing and practicing coughing hygiene is still the most important thing to do at this point, many people find that seems ‘too ordinary’. “…This is a dramatic event, therefore a dramatic response is required, so that leads to people throwing money at things in hopes of protecting themselves…” Psychologists deem this panic buying is how we feel we can assert control over a seeming out of control situation. “…Panic buying is ultimately a psychological mechanism to deal with our fear and uncertainty, a way to assert some control over the situation by taking an action…” Additionally, herd mentality adds to this behavior. (1,2,3)*

Stay on top of the news, use the hygiene guidelines set forth of washing your hands for 20 seconds, avoid overly crowded situations and avoid touching your face. Use courtesy when coughing or sneezing and use a Kleenex which can be thrown away. (Refer to reference #2 below to  see how to properly wash hands and not spread germs). Do all the things we talk about to keep the immune system healthy…eat right, exercise, sleep enough and take your Body Biotics™ SBO Bio-identical Probiotics Consortia™. Having a strong immune system does not keep you from contracting the virus, but can help reduce the severity and improve one’s outcome. Unfortunately, all the supplements and Probiotics in the world won’t prevent any of us from getting the virus if we come into direct contact with it and to tell you otherwise would be misleading. Health professionals and government officials are trying to slow the spread. While the elderly, and those with pre-existing health issues, particularly lung issues, are at greater risk, it is best to lay low for awhile and avoid any situations which would leave you exposed if you fall into one of these categories. (1,2,3)*

Our basic human decency has been tested lately. Our common sense has been tested also. Don’t go crazy and become a hoarder. Use good personal hygiene, which we should be doing anyway. I’ve seen memes asking, “Were we not washing our hands before?” Perhaps this will teach us some practices that will prevent the spread of the flu and other illnesses in the future. Our overly cautious practices, should they remain, will possibly keep us all healthier.*

We wish you to remain healthy and continue to live your best life. It is a time that we are being tested in ways not seen in recent years. So take care, be smart about your health, but live your life to the fullest. Avoid situations that could cause major inconvenience such as being quarantined. Be considerate, and love your neighbor…just do it with a wave and a smile or an elbow bump rather than a handshake or hug…just until we get past this coronavirus.*

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